Review: Japanese Bestselling Lip Balm: Be Zen Glossy Lip Treatment

I wonder if I will ever wake up and go, I am sick of Lip Balm?
Well at the moment my passion for lip balm is still huge!

Up for testing on my chapped lips (all that lipbalm and still they flake) is the Be Zen Treatment Lip Gloss – its a bestseller in Japan and is supposed to be both a (clear) gloss and a lip balm. Errr…..a bit like most glossy lip balms.

Be-Zen Treatment Lip Glossy.jpg

This gloss includes ingredients: Vitamin C, Collagen and Jojoba Oil. It comes in 3 flavours, plain, passion fruit and pink grapefruit – I got passion fruit.

Treatment Lip Glossy Be zen .jpg

Whoops. Silly me – I hate overly oily lip balms and I’m not really into clear, plain lip gloss. Stick some glitter in it, and I will wear it but plain gloss – meh.

Here is the tube! Looks all serious!

Treatment Lip Gloss Be Zen.jpg

So the lip balm is pretty much what it says it is – a clear lip gloss, neither runny or too thick. It feels ok once its on but for me, it lacks the nourishing feeling that you’d get from a creamy balm texture.

It smells nice, it doesn’t taste of anything but I wouldn’t want to lick it off either.

If your lips aren’t too dry, like mine, and you love the natural look then this may be for you.

Be Zen Lip Gloss.jpg

Meh. Its ok. I paid about £11 for it with shipping so it wasn’t cheap at all. This just isn’t my first choice.

You can buy it here.

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  1. Ashley says

    I think £11 for me is $22CAD =[ I rather stick to my Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil for $3.99. It comes with 3 flavored lip balms too which also keeps my lips soft & supple all day long 😀

  2. says

    I like creamy balms too – not too sticky and not too slippery. Thanks for the review; I’ve been curious about this but the price put me off.