Review: Halo Light Moisturising Cream for sensitive skins

There’s an awful lorra sensitive skinned folks in my family. Eczema, Psoriasis etc. We all have a lot of dry flaky skin going about so much so that my aunts house looks like a pharmacy.

So I am always up to test creams made for sensitive skin.

Halo is a face cream – its light, its free from colour, scent and parabens. You also get 100ml of it so to be honest, I use it wherever I please.

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This cream also contains Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera. Its non greasy though though – it sinks in quickly into the skin.

halo light moisturizing cream .jpg

To get to the point – this is a rather fabulous cream. When my skin is in its mega dry phase, this cream is not enough on its own. But on a normal day its perfect – hydrating but it sinks in quickly. Its also a nice base for make up because the foundation doesn’t slide right off.

Halo Lotion-1.jpg

This product is suitable for Vegetarians and is also Halal!


Halo Lotion.jpg


I am massively addicted to products like this that are pure, unscented, unfragranced and this is a great cream – you can use it anywhere pretty much and no itchies. Its also good value so I’d highly recommend this just as an all over lotion (which is what I’ve been using it for).

You can buy it here for £6.99! Its very good value for 100ml of face cream – totally recommend it especially if you need a cream for the kids, or for teenagers too..

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