Review: Haircut with Jamie Stevens at Errol Douglas

This post has taken a while because I am pretty terrible at styling my hair so haven’t been able to get a decent photograph for this it (see at the end of the post…)

Anyway, whilst I was in London in what feels like an age ago, I went to the very posh Errol Douglas Hair Salon (Cosmetics a la Carte is next door!) in Knightsbridge, dah-ling, for a hair cut with Jamie Stevens:

jamie stevens.jpg

Jamie is the current Men’s Hairdresser of the year and is also the resident hairdresser on Gok’s Look Good Naked shows. He’s also quite easy on the eye.

So Errol! Here I come!….So the salon is very lovely, high end but also with a relaxed edge so you never feel intimidated. I met Jamie right away and he decided what I should do – go for the chop chop.

My hair was very very long (see here) and he suggested I go for a easier to look after, breezy Alexa Chung type, below the shoulder, and a centre parted fringe.

I’d normally recoil in horror, but I trusted the man. You got to trust a man who looks good with bleached hair.

Errol douglas.jpg

Here’s another thing I noticed. In England, I don’t think hairdressers clean your hair well enough.* I don’t think enough time is spend rinsing shampoo out. My mum comes home from the hairdressers and immediately shampoos again.

In Asia, they really clean your hair. They wash it, they cut it, they clean it again to get the bits out. When I had my hair done on my travels over there, they make sure that as well as a good style, you have clean hair.

(*It probably doesn’t help that I always end up with a 15 year old girl who stinks of fake tan and loves telling me about the hoi sin duck wrap she had from lunch as part of her Boots meal deal.)

Anyway, at Errol they clean your hair properly. They shampoo it twice and it feels good!

They also asked me if I wanted my feet raised during my shampoo. I said no. I wish I had said yes. I’ve never been asked that before….it was my first time.

Whilst I was there I also got my hideous nails painted by Magda, who introduced me to Seche Vite Top Coat – how amazing?

Anyway, here’s the pic I promised – I can’t style my hair for sh*t, but I am learning:

errol douglas hair cut jamie-1.jpg

It actually looks best when just left alone as I have a natural wave to it.


The Errol Douglas salon is beautiful without being pretentious, the staff are really on the ball (none of this missing coffee business), and Jamie was very very good at what he does, I am am pleased with my new easy to take care of casual-chic look.

Its a real treat, and if you get to go, do!

Website here, prices from £50 for a Graduate Stylist.

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