Review: Etude House Nail Cuticle Refresh Scrub & Massage

I told you I am obsessed with buying Korean branded make up at the moment, right? Well post if finally returning to normal and I got a really cute little haul – Etude House Cuticle Refresh:

etude house cuticle refresh scrub and massage nail treatment.jpg

I paid around £3.60 (inc. shipping) for this nifty contraction! Its basically a massage product for the nails. Its cleans and leaves the nail looking smoother and brighter:

nail scrub.jpg

The head of the product is a plastic scrub thing! Read on to see if its any good!

I am not a fan of fake nails at all. B-A-C-T-E-R-I-A. I think they clearly look fake and some of the uber long claw like ones…yeuccchhh. How do you pick your nose safely?

Then again, I can see why some women like them though, especially for special occasions or if you struggle growing your nails but I do think its bizarre to have a slab of plastic glued on top of your fingernails.

Hands are practical! They are supposed to be practical! If I had fake nails they’d last about 10 mins before falling off.

Anyway ranting aside, this product helps you take care of your natural nails.

Inside is a light gel which has small scrub particles in it.

nail scrub-1.jpg

The product squeezes out easily. The scrub head is a soft rubber.

etude house nail scrub.jpg


etude house nail scrub-1.jpg

I really like this product! Its handy which is good, and its something I can do when sat around, bored. My nails are strong but they can become stained, and I noticed a slight brightening to the nail.

I’d recommend this, for sure! I got mine from eBay – I really like this, more fun than most nailcare.

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  1. Jo says

    I’ve tried this at a store. A cuticle scrub and the massage head is such a good idea! But the fake lemon air freshener scent put me off buying it :(

    • Row says

      Hi Jo

      I didn’t smell it actually….*sniffs* ah its lemony. I don’t mind it too much being on my nails but if in doubt they should make it fragrance free I think!

    • Row says

      Hi Rhiana

      Yes I reckon you could make your own nail scrub quite easily! With some sugar I reckon!

  2. diskogal says

    Wow, your nail looks perfectly healthy and white after using it! I have been obsessed with painting my nails at crazy colors for the past few months-I have tried pretty much every color from yellow to glittery black and from green to iridiscent coral (and so on). Well, even though I always use a base coat my nails are pretty yellow now :(
    Maybe this would help? Did you notice a difference or were your nails this white before too?

    • Row says

      Hi Diskogal

      I do always always use a base as I stained my nail badly in the past. But for some reason my nails have never been perfectly white. Maybe they weren’t supposed to be tho! (like teeth!)

  3. says

    Definitely looks like it is worth a try. My cuticles get terrible, especially during the winter. Did you notice any real affect with your cuticle, as opposed to just your nail?