Review: Etude House Make Up Brushes

I heard some good things about Etude House, a Korean brand’s line of make up brushes. They are pretty affordable, and I paid from £4.50-£8 for the brushes on eBay.

I got four brushes, a fiber brush, a cream shadow brush, a contour and a brow brush. The brushes are quite obviously synthetic hair and have quite short handles.

etude house fiber brush.jpg

I haven’t used cheap make up brushes in an age..there’s nothing worse then applying your make up and having little bristles left all over your face. Did these live up to their reputation?….

1. Duo Fiber Brush

etude house duo fiber.jpg

This brush can be use for cream or powder products, can be used for the cheeks or in my case, for foundation and it works wonderfully. Its quite small for a skunk brush (not a fan of the MAC 188, its a bit too big, bit too bitty) but this ones works really well. Its small enough to fit in those crevices at the side of your nose etc.

For applying colour its great for a natural effect. I still don’t like it with cream blushers but its quite good for bronzers.

The bristles are not too soft, they hold pretty tightly together which I like – I’m not keen on the bristles splaying everywhere.

Rating: Egg-cellent

2. Oblique Eyeshadow Brush

etude house eyeshadow.jpg

This one is for the contour of the eye and is best for blending.

This one was horrible because it wouldn’t stop shedding – you know you pull and pull and pull and the little black hairs keep coming out. Urgh. Not happy with this one at all, little hairs everywhere.

Rating: Fail

3. Oblique Line Brush

etude house brush eyebrow.jpg

This brush can be used for lining but also brows. Its quite a soft brush which is nice – I hate these little angled brushes that are so stiff they hurt!

This is a pretty inoffensive brush. You aren’t going to get a razor sharp line with it but its ok for applying powder shadows in a soft smudgy style. I paid about £4 for this brush so its not bad really.

Verdict: Mustn’t Grumble

4. Cream Touch Eye Brush

etude house cream eyeshadow.jpg

I love cream shadows so a brush made for it is a dream.

Now this brush is very wide – I have a wide eye area but this is super wide…makes it hard to do any kind of precision application. This will be saved for applying primer and all over base colours I guess.

It is nice but like I said, not enough margin for control.

Verdict: Too Fat

The whole Etude House range is decent for the price and well worth investigating if you are building up a brush collection. The only essential brush here is the fiber one which is just lovely – the rest are not that exciting but decent. The bristle brush was not good at all – I will stick with the synthetic, tightly bound ones in the future.

To buy, go to eBay find the seller: Ohmyalice – she also has free shipping on brushes!

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  1. says

    Oh, these looked nice in the pics :( I agree, shedding brushes are a nightmare. You can try washing your oblique brush, it helps with shedding sometimes :)

  2. Row says

    Hey Eru

    I will give it a wash and see what happens!!!!!!!!! Although I did that once with a brush years ago and it shed untill there was nothing else!

  3. wen says

    The ebay seller ohmyalice cheated me money! Paid but goods did not arrive. ebay has already removed her . Hope no one got cheat further.