Review: Elf Studio Range; Brow Gel, Complexion Perfection & Eyeshadow Stick

Imitation…is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. I say poppycock. But since there are no laws against imitation, I guess we have no choice but to be flattered by those who copy…let’s say they were ‘inspired by’, instead.

So I bought a few things from the Elf Studio range.


The Studio range is a refined version of the normal Elf range – nicer packaging, priced £2 more (£3.50 for most of the range over £1.50 for the core products).

elf studio haul.jpg

I only bought 3 things to get a feel for the range. I have done the crazy Elf haul before, many moons ago, only to discard nearly all of it to the side after a few days.

Now…you know I’ll never lie and tell you something is good when its average. Hell, I don’t even tell people their babies are cute when they are quite clearly bizzare little chubby spud heads. So let’s do it…The first thing I bought was the Elf Complexion Perfection compact, with four pretty squares of colour. The palette looks like this:

elf complexion perfection.jpg

They say:

Blend the powder over the entire face to brighten and even out the skin tone as well as neutralize any redness.

It looks like a baby’s blanket:

elf complexion perfection-1.jpg

This powder is very nice indeed. Yes, its a little pale on me when it goes on, but its also very soft and light. The whiteness disappears and it does completely tone down the redness in my skin – that is what I’m most impressed with. It also mattifies and my make up lasted pretty damn well all day – overall a real hit with me. Rating: 8/10

I also got the Eyebrow Treat & Tame – the clear side being the treat and the tinted side the Tame. The packaging is the spitting image of Nars double ended products!:

eyebrow treat & tame elf.jpg

Well, one strong point with this is that it’s non-crusty. Some gels are a little too stiff and make the brows look wiry. This doesn’t do that…but I am underwhelmed by it.

The brown side was very gunky, and I hate the face the brush pulls out too much product (in my opinion):

brows elf studio.jpg

This is what a brow gel should look like a few months down the line, surely? Anyway its works ok. Tinted side is a bit clumpy on. Rating: 4/10

Finally I got the dual ended stick, eyeshadow and liner in Black/Smoke. Disaster! Upon removing the lid, the shadow basically fell out:

elf shadow stick .jpg

I pushed it back in and it was a little wobbly, but worked ok. Nevertheless, its shoddy.

The eyeliner side was nice, very pigmented and soft:

elf stick.jpg


elf eyeshadow stick.jpg

Not a bad product at all but the packaging disaster let it down. Yes, I know it can happen with any product and any brand, but I buy a LOT of make up and trust me, I don’t get broken on arrival make up that often. Nevertheless – the product is fine, though the liner side is nicer than the shadow. Verdict: 6/10

It’s always difficult reviewing very cheap or very expensive make up. Do I review it like any product? Or do I say, ok, the packaging is a bit dodgy but what do you expect for £3.50? Or this foundation was £50, I expect miracles?

I don’t think that just because product is cheap, no matter what it is, it should be disappointing. Without bells and whistles, yes. But an outright disappointment? No.

Anyway Elf Studio is not a disappointment, its a good range for someone on a budget, it looks more expensive than £3.50 and it works pretty well all round. Its not going to replace anything from my normal routine (altho I am loving the face powder and may keep that in) but it was worth a dabble, as that is what I do best, I dabble.

If you like to dabble, you can shop here.

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