Review: Cosmetics a la Carte Secret Light Eye Base and Concealer

I am a fan of Cosmetics a la Carte make up, even though when you see the products they are pretty laid back and unassuming. I picked up this Secret Light product because its a sort of 2 in one – an eye primer/base but also a concealer that can be used all around the eye area.

cosmetics a la carte eye brightener.jpg

I picked it up in Ivory, which is the lightest shade since I always end up with concealers that are too dark for the eye area:

Cosmetics a la carte.jpg

I wasn’t expecting too much looking at the product. It just looks like your average concealer type product and its also quite light textured:

secret brightener cosmetics a la carte.jpg

OMG! Its an amazing product! Fabulous.

Because it feels so light it doesn’t look like its up to much, but once applied, it brightens the entire eye area up in one go. I wanted something I could apply on the go and this is it…My example is not as good as the one on their site but the effect is this:

Cosmetics a la carte-1.jpg

Its really that good!

My dark circles:

Eye shadow concealer .jpg

Applied all around:

cosmetics a la carte concealer.jpg

Blend in:

cosmetics a la carte.jpg

This costs £20 and you can buy it from the Cosmetics A La Carte website. Its a really good, quick use 2 in 1 product me thinks!

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  1. asianrani says

    im sorry but cosmetics a la carte is nothing but overpriced wannabe designer make up. I have been into the store where the girls profess to be “inventors” -nonsense. awful credibility.

    • Row says

      Hi Asianrani

      I haven’t tried all of the Cosmetics a la carte products but most of the ones I have tried I’d liked. This product in particular I love – quite frankly you could label a lot of expensive make up brands as ‘overpriced wannabe designer make up’ but if it works well for someone then thats the most important thing…