Review: Comfort & Joy Skincare & Make Up

I have been trying out so many types of skincare lately that its punishing me by giving horrid, red lumps. Anti Aging skincare, I have found, maybe effective on fine lines but can be ever so slightly harsh, especially for sensitive ladies like myself.

Then I found Comfort & Joy, and independent natural beauty company in the UK. I like the slightly fairy like purple look of the website and brand so got my hands on the cleanser, a hair solid and powder, called Immaculate Deception which adds a glow to the skin.


I choose Honeymoon cleanser cos I love honest and because this formula contains Sandalwood – if you watched The Apprentice UK then you will know that Sandalwood costs a lot more than Cedarwood.

They say:

Cotswold honey gently exfoliates and nourishes, Jojoba oil moisturises and Sandalwood essential oil supplies deep seated remedial action on blocked pores and follicles. The perfect rinse off cleanser for combination or congested skin types, it can also be used as a soothing face pack.

It smells very much like honey and is a very thick, rich textured cleanser. I see why this can be used as a face pack.


The ingredients are VERY simple and natural – which I like after all the nutty amounts of chemicals and acids I’ve had on my skin lately:


I like this cleanser a lot – it isn’t a quick wash kind of thing though since it is very thick, it takes a bit of effort. Perfect for the end of the day cos it takes all the make up off.

I also got Your Hair Looks Great, a deep conditioning pomade which is supposed to make the hair shiny too. Its very good for curl hair and can be used as heat protection. I got it cos I just love the smell of Monoi Frangipani:


Once again the ingredients are very simple, consisting of just Shea Butter and Monoi Frangipani. It worked best for me on slightly damp hair before drying, on the ends. Loved the smell, loved loved loved.

I completely forgot to take a photo of Immaculate deception! This is a powder which is a ‘luminosity enhancer’. Its a very light textured, medium toned powder which does look lovely as a highlighter but not as an all over product – not on me anyway as I find it emphasises pores (as many illuminating products do) if you put it on these areas. Stick to the cheekbones, and its gorgeous!

I had a crap experience with Lizzie Rollerball eyeshadow which just didn’t work. Comfort & Joy has a selection of rollerballs which are…..wonderful. For one thing the rollerball actually works.


I like the fact the name is on the front of the applicator and not underneath…I just do, ok! You get 1 gram per rollerball, but really its better that way – rollerballs struggle I think when they are overfilled.

Swatches – (L-R) Lapis Lazuli, Mystic Misty, How Now Grey Cow, Fate, Mayan Mayhem.


Are these ok to roll directly on to the eyes? Yes! But they will still need blending like any eyeshadow. As they are loose pigment, I’d advise using a primer as usual. It is a nice way to carry loose shadow around though and it can easily be blended with the finger too.


Rollerballs are £5.50 each, Cleanser was £19, Immaculate Deception was £15.50 and Your Hair Looks Great is £12. Browse here, its one of my favourite finds!

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  1. says

    Ohh, might have to give some of their stuff a whirl. I live not very far away from them and my boyfriend even closer! Support the locals and all that :)

    • Row says

      Hey Panda

      thats a great idea! Also, I remembered they do custom colours too! how amazing is that!

  2. Serenity says

    I have been wearing their products for a few years now. I started with their baby care line which really is miraculous. I had a daughter who broke out with anything and everything including plastic diapers and scented lotions. The Happy Nappy bum cream is the best ever. I give it to all my friends who are having babies as a shower gift.

    Through using the products I have come to know the owner and she is fabulous and really does make all the products with love and joy.