Review: Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Gloss

I couldn’t resist these super pretty Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Glosses! They are sparkly and have a two tiered effect going on. I bought two colours, red and brown as they seemed the most pigmented:

coffred d_or lip gloss mix essence .jpg

How long will these lipglosses remain looking separated? Well I hope quite long, because that’s reason I bought them!

Brown 08:

coffret dor mix essence rouge.jpg

Of course the shimmer is not just there to be pretty. The shimmery top tier is a moisturizing essence that keeps the lips hydrated and plump. The rouge at the bottom is the pigmented stuff!

All of the colours see co-ordinated – for example the brown has a gold sparkle, my red gloss has a pink sparkle.

I like these glosses a lot – they are hydrating, soft and I love the applicator – its just a doe foot one but its kind of furry and soft, feels like a terry towel:

coffret dor.jpg

Ok that just sounds wrong. Trust me when I say the applicator is nice. I am also fond of how pigmented these shades are – I am sick of lipglosses so sheer it looks like I’ve just eaten bacon rather than applied some colour.

These lipglosses break the usual sheer shimmery glosses Japanese brands make – there’s plenty of pigment and lots of nice shimmer.

Here is the red which is more of a dark pink:

coffret dor red mix essence rouge.jpg

Once again a gorgeous shade and pigmented.

I can’t think of any major faults with this lip gloss at all – in terms of durability, it lasts as most glosses do, about 2-3 hours depending on if you eat and drink. It is very hydrating though, and I love the smart tube it comes in.


coffret dor rouge essence.jpg

Win-Win all round. The range is on Adambeauty, I think I paid about £12 each.

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