Review: Chanel Enthusiast Red Rouge Allure Lipstick – London Madness

I was looking out for a true, gorgeous red which was wearable enough for the day. The ultimate lipstick….Chanel Rouge Allure can’t be too far off. So I had a photo of a red I liked that a model was wearing in a magazine. I approach the Chanel counter.

“Hi, I’m looking for a red like this.”

“It’s not one of our reds…is it?”

“No, I don’t think so but I am just looking for a red like it.”

“But its not one of ours.”

“I know but I am just looking for one like it (read: I could have went to any counter but I came to yours, now just help me!)

“Do you know which Chanel shade it is?”

“It isn’t Chanel?”

“Oh then we won’t have it”

“I know, I am just looking for a similar red.”

“Right, do you know what the shade is called?”

The coversation went on like this until I decided to ignore her altogether and just look through the lipsticks.

DSC02898 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I chose Enthusiast in Rouge Allure, which is also part of the London Madness collection (it is a re-promote, not a LE).

Its a super bright, hot coral red. The orange tone in it is very strong.

DSC02899 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

It’s quite sheer on and as you’d expect with a Rouge Allure the texture is just gorgeous – pigmented yet not heavy, glossy and moisturizing. It is ORANGE based, completely, which I quite like as it makes it less vampy than a blue based red:

chanel enthusiast.jpg

Werable for the day? Yeah why not, but with any red, it should always be strategically worn. Eyes nice and clean, right?

Love this lipstick!

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  1. Salvora says


    sometimes the people behind these counters are totally useless, I sympathise!

    I have been looking for a lipstick today and loved that one very much. When I asked for it, they had run out of it. Then I went to the Boots across the street, to the Chanel counter, and asked for it again: they had run out of it.

    I´m just going to place an order online…

    Thanks for the review and I totally agree. It´s an orange absed red, very cheerful without being too bright and suitable to all of us who have a yellow skin undertone.