Review: Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Compact Foundation in Almond

I love creamy compact foundations, although a good one is very hard to come by. I am a fan of Shiseido’s Hydro Power foundation but the smell…urgh.

Purfume + Foundation = Fail

I gave Boots No. 7’s Stay Perfect Foundation a go because its reasonably priced at £13.50:


They Say: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Compact contains our unique superior grade beautifying complex of soft focus pigments for ultimate coverage and translucency. Non-greasy and easy to apply, No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Compact, features cream-to-powder technology thats perfect for when you’re on the go.


The texture of this foundation is indeed, creamy. But its a little oily creamy. Whilst I accept that creamy based foundations are more likely to get shiny quickly than a powder foundation its not nice when the foundation feels overly slick.


Remember that the key thing about this foundation is in its name – Stay Perfect. Does this stay perfect? Nope. Infact it doesn’t last at all and feels kind of greasy all day.

The coverage is light-medium – I had to slap on a fair amount I tell you to get it to cover any read areas.

This was about £13 from Boots but a huge disappointment for me. It was just too greasy, there was no sense of it turning into a light powdery finish, which would have stayed in place for longer.

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  1. Grace London says

    Have you tried the Illamasqua cream foundation? It’s not that much more expensive at £20.

    • Row says

      Hi Grace

      I have the Illamasqua one yes! But I’m not sure about it. I adore cream foundations but I find it too hard, drags the skin a little.

  2. uduakobong ekwere says

    is it true that foundation is not meant for younger women?
    i am 32yrs and my friends won’t let me be because i use Boots No7 Stay Perfect Foundation.