Review: Boots No. 7 Limited Edition Palettes Stone & Canvas

Boots No. 7 has brought out two limited edition palettes for Autumn, in Stone & Canvas – two large, cardboard palettes that come with 4 complimentary shades and a soft pencil for £14.00 each.

no 7 palettes.jpg

A few key things here:

1. I hate boxy cardboard packaging, without exception.
2. Boots No. 7 is hit or miss.
3. This palette is £14.00 but you’ll never actually pay that cos there’s always a 3 for 2 or a £5 off voucher for No. 7.
4. These palettes are both centered around natural/nude tones. No need to spew blood glitter freaks…everyone should tone things down sometimes…

boots no. 7 canvas.jpg

This is the brown variation of the palettes. Worth buying? Well…

Yes. Unequivocally, yes.

These two palettes have a lot going for them.

Ok, so I hate the packaging. I just hate cardboard packaging…would it survive if in a monsoon? In a Tsunami? (would any make up survive, I hear you cry? Shush up, I am being hypothetical).

The eyeshadows are HUGE. Twice, possibly three time the size of normal shadows – they are going to last a while. I almost feel like they are showing off, staring at me from their big beady pans.

This is a basic brown palette – well, it is, and it isn’t. The obvious choice would be a beige, a dark espresso, a neutral cool brown. Instead, the palette is very biscuity in tone. It reminds me of hob nobs, and that, my friend, can only be a good thing:

plainchochobnobs.jpg (JPEG Image, 320x288 pixels).jpg

Its awfully warm toned. I quite like it, its unusual but perhaps cool toned ladies need to be careful with some of the shades. I keep thinking Hob. Nob. Can you see it? The dark brown is the chocolate, the mid brown is a cup of tea, the light brown is the biscuit base and the white is some squeezy cream.


boots no 7 palette canvas.jpg

Very, very creamy powders and christ, they even managed to make the mattes look silky smooth. The pencil is also excellent, although stubby sized; creamy, rich, pigmented as you can see.

The other palette is Stone, the grey smokey one, which by the way, is this weeks giveaway.

Strange combination – the beige is quite warm as if the brown but the black and silver grey are cool. You get a black pencil with this one:

boots no 7 palette stone.jpg

Once again, beautiful soft texture and well pigmented. The grey is especially nice:

boots no 7 stone.jpg

I was completely surprised by how nice these two palettes are quality wise – so soft, so creamy. The colours are what they are though – they aren’t bright, or bold, or glittery but they aren’t supposed to be either.

A great palette for everyday and I am guessing for most women who like to keep it simple, or should I say, simples.

Boots is here, there’s some freebies on at the moment in store, a goody bag if you spend £15 and there’s £5 off in store with the voucher they’ve been handing out at the tills.

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