Review: Bloom Liquid Lipstick & Lip Gloss

A few weeks ago I picked up these two liquid lipsticks from Bloom.

I have a thing for creamy, pigmented lip colours! I got these two shades which are pretty natural beauties – Lily and Jasmine.

Bloom Liquid Lipstick Rouge Liquide Lily Lip Gloss.jpg

The packaging looks like that. Rather pretty, rather non offensive.

The liquid lipstick is just what it says on the tin – a creamy, hydrating rich sheer lipstick.

In Lily:

bloom liquid lipstick lily lip gloss.jpg

In Jasmine:

bloom lip gloss jasmine lip stick.jpg

The applicator is a soft foam:

lily bloom lip gloss liquid lipstick.jpg

It smells funny – I love it cos its soft and easy to use but it smells a bit like burning plastic to me.

Lilly again – a nude beige with no shimmer at all:

Bloom Liquid Lipstick Lily Lipstick colour.jpg

Jasmine is a warm coral – very pretty:

lip gloss bloom jasmine.jpg

They look like worms!

Both of the liquid lipsticks smell fab – Bloom make up is based on Aromatherapy, so these both have a soft floral aroma.

Lily is here – its about as inoffensive as you can get:

Bloom Lip Gloss Lip Stick .jpg

This is Jasmine. Its coral so has a warmer edge to it – its another safe, day to day shade but has a bit more oomph – I think I prefer this!

bloom liquid lipstick lip gloss jasmine.jpg


Both liquid lipsticks smell nice, have a lovely hydrating texture and make the lips look great.

However – I don’t think they really count as liquid lipsticks – more lipglosses. They are quite sheer so if you want some real colour on your lips, this isn’t the product.

I like the applicator – its very easy to use.

Bloom is sold in Superdrug in the UK.

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  1. says

    The applicator looks odd but the colours look so lovely and glossy – Jasmine especially. I’ve only used Bloom eyeliners before but I would give this a try now… :)

    P.S. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog for posting fab things, I keep coming back on a daily basis!xx