Review: Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash

I love buying cleansers, I do, but its hard to find something thats effective but also gentle. I find a lot of cleansers really strip the skin and as a result, I get oily quicker as my skin over compensates.

As a quick cheapy purchase I got this Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash for about £7 – yep, I like Marshmallows!

Biore face cleanser (Japan).jpg

I have been trying so many different products that I didn’t get round to using this till a week ago. And I have to say – I love it!


1. Its got a super bouncy foam texture! Its not pathetic foam that disappears in your hand, its actually quite firm

2. It creates a lovely lather on the skin, it doesn’t feel thinned out, its works as well as any creamy foam wash.

3. When I rinsed it away my skin felt dry and not dry at all

4. It cleansed well, as I could really work it in. If I had a lot of make up on, I would probably double cleanse.

5. Its affordable


1. You have to buy it online? Its not that easy to get hold of? Thats it, I think its fab!

Biore have a range in the UK but its aimed more at blemished/acne prone skin types – the range that they have in Asia is so much better!

I will be pumping pumping every time I wash my face!

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  1. Holly says

    Have you tried Cetaphil? My American friend recommended it and it finally came to the UK about six months ago, I think you can buy it online (it was mail-order only when I got mine). It’s definitely effective and gentle, though – I’ve got insanely sensitive skin and it’s pretty good for that.