Review: Bésame Enriching Chocolate Classic Glaze Lip Gloss

Bésame is a lovely retro-esque brand created by Gabriela Hernandez – you can read all about the brand here,but if I were were to use three words to describe that brand it would be: Dainty, Golden and Elegant.

I got a lipstick and lipgloss in my first order – I am looking at the lip gloss first:

besame enriched lip glaze lipstick.jpg

It’s hard to choose a make up item when all you have is a dulux paint style swatch, but I closed my eye and chose Chocolate…

besame chocolate enriched lip gloss.jpg

Hmmm….its not really my kind of shade. See what it looks like after the jump! Chocolate smells a bit chocolatey-vanilla to me (it could be subliminal) and the its a sheer, light cocoa shade. Very pearly and is a medium thick texture:

besame enriched chocolate lip gloss.jpg

Bésame’s gloss contains vitamin A, C, E and green tea extract. It also has squalene, aloe vera, macadamia nut extract etc.

Everything was going so well – chocolate is almost a slightly metallicy light nude, then my lips started to tingle….tingle…..tingle….an unfamilar tingle….yes. I am allergic. I didn’t swell up but it did burn my lips and it became a little uncomfortable to keep on.

Its possible this gloss has some lip plumping qualities? But the burning was not at all great.

besame chocolate enriched lip gloss-1.jpg

Lip swatch:

besame enriched lip gloss in chocolate.jpg

Hmmm. So overall I think the colour is just ok, I think the texture is ok but having a burning reaction is not great. Well, you got to try or you don’t know!

Grace at London Make Up Girl Blog loves and knows her Bésame and to buy it in the UK, go to

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