Review: Benefit One Hot Minute Sexy in Seconds Face Powder!

I am getting acquainted with Benefit again, and picked up this cute little pot of loose powder, named One Hot Minute Face Powder £23.50.

It is, as expected, super cute, and will apparently make you sexy in seconds.

Benefit One Hot Minute.jpg

They say: Look sexy in seconds! For a gorgeous “gaze at me glow” sweep this loose rose-gold finishing powder over your complexion & décolleté. All it takes is…one hot minute!

One minute? Darling, I can do it in 30 seconds….

benefit one hot minute-2.jpg

The tin is cute, it looks like the front of a watch. It comes with a weird fan brush in the lid:

benefit one hot minute-3.jpg

The bus has actually been created to apply just the right amount of powder (ie. not a lot). Its an ok brush, unusual to say the least.

benefit one hot minute-4.jpg

Here is the powder. I have no problems with it texture wise, its smooth and very glowy:

benefit one hot minute-5.jpg

Its funny – I expected to this to be quite a hot rose-gold-bronze buts its really subtle (on my NC35 medium olive skin tone anyway). As you can see here, its just a subtle warm highlight – not really buildable I think:

benefit one hot minute-6.jpg

How to use it:

benefit one hot minute-1.jpg

I have applied it here around the temple and cheek. I applied more so that it would show up on the photo but it is still quite subtle. In reality – this is a good thing. I apple make up in the semi dark so at least this way I won’t have bronzer overload:

benefit one hot minute-7.jpg

The overall effect is quite flattering and subtle – it adds a bit of colour and shape to the face although I don’t think the powder is a substitute for a bronzer or a blush or a contour. Its somewhere between all of these products.

Did it make me hot in one minute?

Dah-ling. It made me hotter!*

You can buy it here (in the UK) or from Boots stores.

P.S. Seriously though – its a nice product and one thats quite difficult to overload on. Its a nice finish, its pretty rather than HOT. And that is probably for the best unless you are Megan Fox.

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  1. Heather says

    I love the fact that you won’t be able to overload it on your face. Maybe I’ll put this on my “really-want-it-and-better-get-it” list :-)