Review: Barielle Shades of Summer Nail Polishes

Barielle have a super cute, bright opaque nail polish collection for the summer. It’s just up my street because I love bright colours on the nails without shimmer (bold is enough, ya know?)

Here is the collection:

Swizzle Stix, a sky blue:

barielle shades of summer swizzle stix blue.jpg

Lemon Drops a pure opaque fresh yellow. This was the one I slapped on when I went to London and it lasted exceedingly well through much toil:

barielle lemon drops yellow polish.jpg

My other favourite is Sweet Additions an opaque mid leafy green:

barielle sweet addictions shades of summer.jpg

Grape Escape I also like – a rich purple:

barielle purple shades of summer.jpg

Decadence is a metallic mermaid green:

barielle decadence shades of summer.jpg

Cotton Candy is a pretty pink:

barielle cotton candy.jpg

I am no nail expert so I find polishes that have dodgy brushes or have overly thick or runny textures hard to work with. Luckily, Barielle polishes are very easy to work with. I noticed they seem medium thick which means I was actually ok with one coat (although I still did two to go over any self inflicted streaks).

The colours in this collection are bold and really stand out but still seem quite elegant to me – not overly childish or unwearable. I found this polish very long lasting in comparison to normal polishes that chip on me in a day (what can I say, I have very busy hands!).

You can check out the Barielle range here or they also sell the polishes at HQHAIR.COM

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