Review: Badger Balm Bali Balm Soothing After Sun in a Tin is Super!

When I went on holiday earlier this year, I did something stupid and sun bathed for hours and hours.

It was daft considering I am not remotely used to the sun – yes I was SPF’d up but every individual can only tolerate so much sun. I was badly burnt, and in the evening had sunstroke and gave up my dinner. Yes, that’s right.

Sit too long in the sun = you don’t get to finish your dinner in a lovely restaurant because all you want to do is lie down.

Badger Bali Balm is just one of the after sun products I took with me on holiday:


I had standard Nivea after sun and Boots Soltan – both worked well but when you are truly sun burnt you just want to swim in the stuff. Also your skin peels, it feels prickly…urgh.

Now you don’t get shedloads of product in the Badger Balm tin, BUT you only need a bit.


Do Badger’s sunbathe?

They say:

Cocoa and Shea Butters combine with Olive and Jojoba to make a light, soothing total body balm good for after bath and shower, after sun, or for dry skin anywhere on the body, any time of year. The fragrance is tropical… we say Cocoa and Orange. Yet there’s a Balinese hint of Lime and Ylang Ylang, floral tones of Lavender, and the apple blossom scent of Tanacetum Annum.

I didn’t pay much attention to the scent – well I could smell the lime but I was in too much pain to care about that. But yes, it smells quite nice and tropical.


This is a thick balm, once it’s melted down a bit it’s more like vaseline. I slapped this over my sunburnt skins and by the next day it had calmed my skin down A LOT.

It didn’t fix it as such but it really did help .

Because the formula is so hydrating and thick it works as a spot treatment for very sore areas. I wouldn’t use this as an all over after sun because it’s too heavy for that and it’s not economical to…



It’s £3.64 from Bath & Unwind! (Best price I found!) I want the Yoga & Meditation and Tension Soother balm now!

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  1. says

    I’ve read many Badger Balm reviews but I have yet to try it myself.
    I’ll make sure to pick one of these up before going on away for a sunny vacay!

    P.S. Yes! The website is looking normal again.