Review: A visit to Jinny Rainbow, the glittery tattoos!

With the kids holidays, I decided to take my two cousins to Jinny Rainbow, who has two concessions where I live, located in Selfridges.

Welcome to the jinnyrainbow.jpg

Jinny Rainbow is essentially a way to get a glitter tattoo that can last up to 7 days on the skin – you pick a design (or you can mix a few) and the Jinny lady applies the glitter in the color of your choice to make up the design. Its painless to do – its stuck on with some body glue which is safe for the skin.

So off we went on Saturday….

jinny tattoo.jpg

You may recognise the little one as Megan, star of You Tube – she chose a butterfly design with pink glitter…
The stencil is sticky so you put this on the skin, the apply the glue – take the stencil off and tap on the glitter.

Here, the lady is tapping the glitter on top of the glue:

jinny tattoo-1.jpg

I’m not sure if the price changes if a few colours are used, as Megan chose just one shade. She was happy with her butterfly and it took about 3 minutes in all.

jinny tattoo-2.jpg

The older teenager, who is 14 and tattoo obsessed chose a dove design and black glitter. Once again very quick and easy, took minutes. They tend to have a lot of shades to choose from, “Which shade of black do you want?”

jinny tattoo-3.jpg

The result:

jinny tattoo-5.jpg

Megan’s tattoo:

cosmetic candy jinny tattoo.jpg

I had a really quick design done too:

jinny tattoo-4.jpg


Overall, the girls loved the experience as little girls do. It gives them a bit of independence, choosing their own design and glitter colors.

I thought it was cute and quite good fun too – I mean, its probably harder for a 20-something woman to justify going to have a glitter tattoo for no reason (like a night out, party or wedding) but if I was 9 I would be demanding glitter tattoos everyday (yeah, I was easy to raise).


It was super super quick – all three of us done in about 15 minutes. Although with a more complicated design it would take longer. Next time I’d like to try more than one shade of glitter to see what kind of design I end up with.


You can take this home! I thought it was a nice idea, £30 for 4 glitters of your choice (if you pick on the counter) 6 stencils and glue. (Buy online here).


The small tattoos (like the ones we had) start at £5. But If you are the size of Peter Kay and cover yourself from head to toe like a disco ball then its going to cost more, obviously.

Long Lasting?

It can last up to 7 days depending on what you do (if you swim a lot etc. it will fade quicker). On me its pretty much faded after 3 days. On Faye (with the black dove) it had all gone by the end of day 2 – Faye does have dry skin and eczema so I had a feeling it wouldn’t last so long on her. Meg’s tattoo is still going quite strong. We all shower daily (ahem) so if you shower less (double ahem) it will last longer.


Overall, it was a nice experience, super quick and totally recommended for young ‘uns. I would consider it again if I had a suitable event but I am actually tempted by a kit to play about with as I could use it in various make up looks, as you do.

Their website is here if you want to peruse.

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    Totally random comment, but I had to read this article since the shop owner shares my name! Glad to see another Jinny adding beauty and creativity to this world.