Remington Spin Curl = Torture?

I was looking for a new hairdryer when I saw this gnarly looking thing in Boots:

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You put your hair in the long plastic tube and it gently twists your hair as it dries, giving it a wavy look.

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Initial thoughts:

– I have long hair. This will take me ages to dry my hair

– It looks dangerous

– My arm will get tired after a bit of holding it in the same place

– The picture on the box looked more frizzy than beach babe waves

It reminds me of this:

When I was younger (ok, it was actually more like 2 years ago) I accidently got my hair caught in the back of the hairdryer (where it sucks the air in) and it got tangled, twisted – it was horrific. Panicking it took me a while to turn the damn thing off and I had a huge wedge of hair I had to cut it off but more than anything, it really hurt when it was being sucked in with vicious speed.

The Remington Spin Curl brings back too many harrowing memories for me. If anyone else as £39 to drop in this ‘invention’, let me know how good it is!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I just do this with a big round brush don’t need a fangled tube hair dryer for this malarkey! x

  2. Becky says

    Oh my god I agree with you so much, I saw your review and thought that looks odd. Then I tought well I find my hair frizzy and hard to get a nice wave so anythig that might work is worth a go. I LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!! I’ve got quite long hair past my shoulders and it dry really quickly ( ABOUT 10 MINS) and give me a really nice wavey effect. The thing is what I liked about it most it that every time I do it now it turns out the same. You’ve got to try it!!

    • Row says

      Hi Becky…ok ok I am going to try this out and report back :) If I end up being scalped, I’ll blame you!

  3. Naomi says

    I can totally see what you mean, but i bought it today and just used it. its amazing! my hair is quite long and it was really quick to do. the curls are really relaxed and do actually look beach babe. i was skeptical too but this thing rocks! seriously its fab! you HAVE to buy it. NOW…..!

    • Row says

      Hey Chica!

      me too my hair is not butt length but very long and its a pain drying it as it is….must test!

  4. Becky says

    oh my god guys, I so glad your having a go. I used it on a my mate laura, shes got really long hair not quite butt lenght but long. Yer it did take me a little while longer to do hers hair but to be honest it took so less time than when I used to have to dry it, brush it, then try and curl it with the straightners. Besides I don’t know about you but I can’t do the curly thing round the back with straightener anyway. Let me know how you guys get on xx

    • Row says

      Hi Becky!

      I will be testing this soon! I used to be able to wash my hair, tie it into a bun type thing and let it dry naturally – nicest waves ever but in the cold weather, it doesn’t dry for hours! So hopefully will be reporting back soon. x

  5. says

    Will one of you ladies be willing to post a picture of an “after” from using this spin curl thingy? I’m interested to see what does the hair look like. Thinking about getting it, but still hesitant :)

  6. Becky says

    I justfound the curly thing at spin curl .com theres some bloke showing you how to do it, prity cool…..hope it helps xx

    • Row says

      Hey Becky!

      It is useful! I am making my own (much much poorer video) too – for the lazy girl I guess!

  7. Queen B says

    I bought it today in SUPERDRUG ON SALE for 18.99 (so get it before sale ends!!) and I thought it was amazing, I love it! (I also bought wax and heat protective mousse type thing so they stay in place longer) I have reeeally long hair, waist length. When you use it, you need to dry the root slightly 1st, if you want volume tip ur head upside down, then split ur hair in small sections and put it in the tube thing bit by bit, I personally find that thinner sections look more frizzy and thicker sections look more beach babe waves like (so have a play around with it). You can add wax or mousse to make it look more define. I also find that if you do it right up to the root you will get (big hair), and if you dry the root like I said in the beginning and just use the spinning thing from half way up then it’s another result (like the picture on the box). Hope you find this helpful :)

  8. Gail says

    I bought mine a couple of months ago for £24.95 BOOTS online. My hair is very fine but thick with a slight kink and layered just past my shoulders. I have spent years blow-drying it straight then using GHD’s. I cant let it dry naturally cos it looks really flyaway and untidy. I’ve always wanted a beach babe look without the frazzle! I was quite sceptical about the attachment and was not impressed by pictures of other people who have used it on their hair. But hey ho, I needed a new hairdryer anyway so went ahead and bought it – I have not looked back! I have used this hairdryer everytime I have washed my hair since! My GHD’s are banished to the back of my drawer. Everyone says how nice my hair looks.
    One tip – I agree with Queen B, thicker sections look best and also your hair looks better the following day or two after washing and the waves do not fall out as they do with tongs. Use mousse and scrunch some shock waves serum to define the waves if it seems a bit flyaway.

    Have fun Girls – this is the best beauty gimmick I have ever bought!

  9. katief says

    I looove mine! I have very fine really straight hair, spent my life trying to curl into loose wringlets with tongs, but always falls out an hour later! Nothing works except my GHD’s, but the curl is too much for work etc. this gadget is amazing! I’ve used tongs, straighteners, rollers, heated rollers, nothing keeps my curl in, except this! I’m so impressed! stays in until the next wash. If you don’t mind the initial shock of”WHAT HAVE I DONE!?” when it seems you have a huge knot before you seperate the curls, perfect for girls with straight hair! highly recomended!

  10. Elizabeth says

    Amazing! I purchased mine yesterday after reading some mixed reviews on other sites, but my train of thought was that if it was no good for me I could either just use it as a hairdrier or give it to my daughter; so nothing to lose.

    I have short shoulder length hair which is fine but quite thick and have a natural wave. I usually just let it dry naturally and then tong it which is a bit time consuming and the look tends to be a bit fancy for everyday/work. Well I have just used this for the first time and my hair looks brilliant I am so pleased I bought it. I found it easy to use and quick, obviously if you have long hair then it will take a lot longer but there again anything does! My hair looks tousled and full of body and I love the look I hope that as other people have said that it will stay in till I next wash as I usually have to tong the sides of my hair every morning . My layers are long but I am not so sure if it would work as well on short layers as you would struggle to get the hair inside the tube.
    Excellent thanks for a brilliant product Remington!