Reminds me of being a baby: Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Body Powder Review

Kose’s Happy Bath Day is a extremely cute range of bath products only – things like bath gels, soaps, and body sprays are in the range.

I’m not that interested in body products most of the time but I spotted this cute Happy Bath Day Body Powder.

There was another reason why I got this – see the container…tell me, did you have one of these as a kid???


Please tell me that someone else remembers these talcum powder applicators.

You can’t seem to buy these things anymore…anyway….You get the container, the cover and the puff. I wish the puff had a handle.

The powder is like most talc powders. It has a really nice rose smell to it and a nicer texture than normal talc in that it’s finer but feels quite absorbent.


I guess there’s nothing that exciting about talc. But I love the container anyway!

My mum used to have one of these containers filled with Johnson’s talc and after a bath (I was a toddler by the way!) she’d put it under my arm pits! Oh the days before deodorant! These days I only use talc on my skin before waxing (really stops my skin from going really red).

Obviously after I have finished this product I will just refill it.


It’s a shame the lid doesn’t ‘lock’ on though! It will come loose if you don’t hold the base.

Just a whimsical purchase for me! I bought it from

Have you ever bought a beauty related item because it reminds you of something else?

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  1. says

    my mum used to do that to me too! she even had a song, which I would repeat but it would make us both cringe. aw the days of talcum powder and having someone else dry you.

  2. says

    I have been wanting to get this for quite sometime but I read that it contains shimmer/sparkle. Is it really overloaded with shimmer?