Relax! It’s Friday! Tony Moly Lavender Aroma Soothing Gel Review

Tony Moly is another one of those Korean brands I am really into at the moment! They’re range is so vast it’s very hard to know what it covers – I mean, Tony Moly does hair care, skin care, make up, health products etc.

I love products that are relaxing – it’s my new thing. This is a ‘aroma’ gel which smells of Lavender:

Tony Moly Lavender Aroma Soothing Gel 150ml

True story: I hated the smell of lavender until this year. It reminds me of granny pillows. Or a pillow owned by a granny.  But now I love it, as long as it’s not horrible lavender-seeds type know what they used to stuff little pillows with? I don’t like that!

This Aroma Soothing Gel has a few things going for it…

It’s supposed to be:

1. Soothing and cooling

2. Fragranced

3. Hydrating

It looks blue in the tube but it is just clear:

Tony Moly Lavender Aroma Gel

You get a generous 150ml with this product.

First off, the gel smells lovely; its a really nice lavender smell, not artificial smelling and is strong enough but not overpowering. It lingers for 1-2 hours.

The texture is nice; it sinks in very quickly in the skin without leaving that weird film that some gels can leave. It isn’t hydrating for my dry skin – for normal skin it would be quite good though. However for me it couldn’t be a substitute for a moisturiser.

Here is the gel – it’s very cooling and refreshing on the skin. It’s nice but I am not sure some cold gel is relaxing!

Tony Moly Lavender Gel Aroma


It’s a nice item! It’s a nice way to get some Lavender into your life without using the essential oil or a blended oil, which can be too strong sometimes.

I bought this from eBay for £8.

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  1. says

    Wait, what exactly is it? Where do you use it and when? I’m all about relaxing products lately, and if this is going to help get stress out of my life, I’m going to need some more information. :p