Regret, regret

So my hair was jet black.  Not a bit black, not a natural black.  The black that is so black its blue.

Black drains your skin.  It brings out the shadows, the grey bits, the creases.

And for 2 days everytime I looked into the mirror I saw a Megan Fox esque stripper…but more than anything I saw this:


Do you blame me?!

Anyway its nothing a bottle of £20 Rusk Eliminate Colour Corrector couldn’t make a little better.  That stuff stinks like Rotten eggs but it works!

I’ve not gone over with with a purple coloured (eek) semi (its supposed to be a medium brown not purple).  At least its a semi right?

Girls don’t do what I did – trying to look like Angelina just ain’t worth it!

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  1. Melia says

    I understand that feeling. Once I wanted REALLY red hair for some reason and went to the hairdressers for 6 hours to come out with copper red hair. It blinded people in the sun… I hated it so much I spent half the day trying to shampoo it out. This happened a year before I went to Aberdeen to study, where I then realised that I had dyed my hair ginger that time (ginger hair does not exist in Greece).

  2. Row says

    Hi Melia!

    ARGH! Then understand my pain then, my love! I tried shampooing and shampooing but black is hard to get out. Today, its much nicer – I put a dark semi over the top called Mulberry and yes its dark but its a HUMAN shade, not the same shade as a fly!

    Is there really no ginger hair in Greece?!

  3. Citrine says

    I actually thought that Angelina’s hair is in dark chocolate…I like black hair (mom’s has super long, thick hair and I…have brownish hair that I kept chopping off…)but I am not going to due it to get that effect, retouching is just a pain in the @$$…I am actually trying to not mess with (chop off) my hair for a while, just to keep my mother sane…