Ready Made Moist Face Pads! Kose Clear Turn 3 in 1 Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton Review

2 years ago (wow!) I wrote about The Japanese Skincare Revolution, a book by a lady called Chizu Saeki, a skincare guru. In the book she recommends a regime of using moist facial masks and sheets to hydrate and plump this skin; according to her, this was one of the most important steps to looking young!

I have tried this a few times to good results provided I use a decent toner but then gain I just don’t always have time to get a cotton sheet, tear it to near pieces, damped in, stick it on my face, have a cup of tea etc.  When I saw these pre soaked cotton sheets from Kose Clear Turn, I had to buy them!

Kose Clear Turn Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton
Apparently, these sheets contain 30 kinds of plant extract, it is a 3 in 1 product with toner, milk lotion and essence.  It should be used on the forehead, cheeks and chin – there are 56 pieces in the box. 

The sheets are rectangular and when I used them, I found them medium wet but they stuck on ok for a few minutes before starting to flop, as these things do. A quick spritz with a facial mist gets it sticking again.  Ideally you only need 5-10 minutes with this on.

The packaging; very useful and seals in the moisture:

Kose Clear Turn Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton 1

Clever Japanese people; these come in sealed packs, unlike facial wipes, and in 2 sets so you can use up one then open the second:

Kose Clear Turn Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton 2

The spare pack lies under the opened one and the pads are laid like this:
Kose Clear Turn Deep Moist Essence Lotion In Cotton 3
This set wasn’t expensive; it cost me about £5 and I’ve been quite happy with it. Luckily it didn’t break me out and my skin feels quite refreshed after usage although I don’t necessarily feel that much more hydrated or toned afterwards. Just fresher.  I guess you could easily replicate this, if you can be bothered, with your own pads (nothing too absorbent or you’ll use a ton of product) and fav toner.
Not essential but quite handy!
Have you ever tried using cotton pads and toner like this?
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  1. says

    i wanna try these too but i did some diy on meself but how to have those pads stick on me face? i cant lie down still hehe

    xoxo elle

  2. says

    nice! i’m lazy but I like making a mask from cotton to use up toners that I don’t like.
    I also have those mask pills that you soak with your favorite toner – gotta use those up but it’s taking a while as I’m lazy.