Readers Choice: Hair Cut!

Thanks guys for all your responses on what I should do to my damn hair!

I am getting a cut and a swish blow dry after work today. With any luck I should come out of the salon bouncing like a golden retriever and not sulking like a Cyrus – Billy Ray Cyrus that is, Circa 1991.

Your chosen hair for me (it seems) is:

Help Me Choose_ Which Haircut? — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

Its very nice. My hair is a little overly layered and every time I get a fringe I regret it so much. And there’s something about a bob and a fringe that reminds me of 4 year olds starting Nursery. But let’s do it. I’ll let the stylist decide.

I’ll show you my transformation later!

p.s. So many of you hate The Moss! Why?

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  1. says

    i cant stand Kate Moss…ugh coke addict. Hate how she became more famous after that than before. Never thought she was that attractive in the first place and refuse to buy anything endorsed by her.