Reader Submissions: Getting yourself on Cosmetic Candy

Ladies, may I draw your attention to a new feature on Cosmetic Candy – reader submissions:


I got this idea after a reader emailed too ask if she could send me a photo of some make up she had done – I thought it would be nice to offer readers a platform to share their ideas etc.

The submission form is a way for you to submit content to the site. Things that are suitable are:

– Reader Reviews
– FOTD/EOTD/NOTD (Face or the Day, Eye of the Day, Nails of the Day)
– Anything else you may want to share, like a rant or opinion piece

Photos are always useful and preferred – there is an area to upload this. Pieces may be edited but never to change a viewpoint or opinion. Not every piece will be accepted, sorry.

Bloggers or people with personal sites will of course get a link back but it’s really not a place for companies to sell their wares or promote their commercial sites…get that, Mac Hot Sell?!

You can click here to see the form in the future:


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