Reader Questions: Do we like Salma Hayek’s Short Bob?

I’m getting my hair done next week and trying to gather ideas. I currently HATE my hair – it just frizzes up!

I think I quite like Salma’s hair but I can’t decide if it’s just mummish?

Take a look – if you can tear your eyes away from her chi-chis:


Yay or Nay?

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  1. says

    Haha. How did I guess there was going to be some major boobage on show.
    Salma could even manage to show her chichi’s in a pedicure closeup shot.
    very mummy-ish indeed, ZzzzzZZz
    It actually seems to me to be a non haircut haircut, with no particular hair style.
    me no likey the leather top either x

  2. Lucy says

    I love it! But it does require a bit of va-va-voom in other ways to stop it looking Mummish. Boobers on show and immaculate make-up are kind of essential.
    I wonder how long it takes to style?

  3. nana says

    Amazing haircut but will require maintenance to look that glamorous. If you’re up for it then definitely yay!

  4. Jules says

    Nothing special is it? Much better with long luscious Latino locks that she had before, not that I fancy her or anything 😉 No, I can’t tear my eyes away!