Reader Help: Are you having Technical Problems?

Hi Ladies,

Did you know it will be my 3rd year blog anniversary this coming Sunday!? I need to think of some fab things for the day to celebrate my 3 years of….very little sleep!

Anyway I need your help. A few readers (thanks guys!) have reported to me that they have this problem when reading the site:


The text is directly on the background which makes it very hard to read.

This issue should now be fixed, but if you are still having this problem (or another technical fault) please feel free to leave me a comment. If you can explain what is wrong and also what browser you are using (ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer Version 7) – that will really help!

Cheers ears!

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  1. says

    yes i think it fixed now. its look okay for me :)
    im using firefox for mac
    for celebrate anniversay giveaway please! xD omg u been soo long here allready 3 years congrats 😀