Reader HALP! Beauty Terms You’d Like to Know

Hi ladies

Need your help. Compiling a beauty dictionary/glossary.

There are so many potential beauty terms out there to include, but aso more obscure ones. I don’t want to miss anything out (although it can be updated all the time of course).

office cat.jpg

So, from the desk of Miss Candy and her Meows, please let me know if you can think of any beauty terms you’d like to be added to the glossary!

(Examples: Parabens/Mineral Make Up/Anti Oxidant/FOTD/MUA etc.)


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  1. Samantha says

    Hmm maybe even more specific things like “baked eyeshadows” or “gel liners” for newbies!

  2. liloo says

    I would like to understand the terms mac use to define all the finishes of their shadows lipsticks, and nail polishes in general. what is the difference between shimmery, sparkly, FROSTYetc..