Rant: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick Design Fault!

I own three Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shines in total, in a pink, a lilac and a glossy red.

Cut a long story short:

Pros: Gorgeous texture, gorgeous colour, just gorgeous to wear

Cons: Not longwearing, expensive and the packaging!

I don’t usually have a problem with the plastic casing of Shu Uemura Lipsticks – its quite retro and I don’t feel like I need opulence in every lipstick.

However – these Supreme Shine Lipsticks have a design issue I just can’t ignore…the lid cracks easily. I have plenty of the other Shu Uemura lipsticks and I don’t get any cracks on them because they are a thicker plastic.

However, the supreme shine lids are thinner they seem. All three of my lids have fractures in the lids – I have been gentle with each one and I have only had them for a fairly short amount of time, yet each lippie has one of these lines:


On my pink lipstick, I can see the crack is so deep, its might start to split and then I really won’t be amused. For nearly £20, I do expect decent casing.


I don’t know if this is just bad luck or a real fault with the lipstick.

Each one of my lipsticks came from different stores and sources and because its happened to all my lipsticks, it makes me wonder if its a bigger problem. Either way its extremely disappointing for a lipstick that costs so much to buy.

Would a product malfunction put you off buying a piece of make up?

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  1. says

    If a product I bought was consistently malfunctioning, I would absolutely stop buying it. How would they expect me to fork over my hard earned money when the company can’t seem to put effort into their product (or casing, in this situation) to make it suitable for their customers?

  2. says

    wow, mine has the same crack in the cap! It’s really annoying that such an expensive lippy can have a design flaw. They should give us replacements. Maybe I’ll go complain 😛

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      Huh, maybe we should both complain!?!? Because this is a design fault for sure and not acceptable with such an expensive lipstick

  3. says

    yeah. maybe i’ll bring my lipstick to a shu store. or maybe it’s better to just write to the company 😛 i hate confrontation… I should try it though.

    • Row says

      Write a letter I’d say I bet in japan they will respond. The uk division isn’t very professional or helpful when it comes to customer service.

  4. says

    yeah, i may write a letter. you should complain too though; you got 3 lippies! I checked in japan, they have revamped the packaging and it’s already being sold in Malaysia (jojoba has a post on it). So I guess Shu Uemura noticed the issue and fixed it – they delayed the release in Japan until they fixed it, apparently.

    2 limited edition lippies went on sale in Japan today in the new packaging too, and the full line comes out in April here.