Rant of the Day: Connecta Baby Carrier Customer Service REVIEW!

Baby C is doesn’t like to be alone, at all, which means I have been trying to find a sling that I can use to carry him around the house whilst I get on with things.  I have tried a Baba sling, a Moby Wrap, and inherited a Chicco carrier and a Mama and Papas Carrier.  


The Baba Sling is ok but I don’t like how his neck is squished up and it’s also a killer on the back (mine is still quite sore!), the Moby wrap is decent but I don’t like the faff of having to wrap it around myself, the Chicco carrier is ok but a bit flimsy, the Mama and Papas carrier is ridiculously complicated and by the time it’s set up, Baby C is moaning his head off.

So I decided to look for a SSC – a soft structured carrier.  A quick look on Mumsnet drew me to a carrier called Connecta.  Mother Candy offered to buy it for me as a Christmas present, so I ordered one from their own website choosing a style which said “Shipping in December” thinking that it would arrive in time for me to get to grips with it..

So a few days after ordering I emailed them to ask about the progress – the carrier I ordered was now marked as “Out of stock” on their store, so I presumed mine had been shipped out. 

No reply.  Ok it’s Christmas, it must be busy. So I dropped two more POLITE emails requesting and update and explaining we could really do with it before Christmas but still no one replied.  

10 days later with no reply or updates, I started calling the company using the number on the website, but no one answered and their answer phone was “full” apparently and unable to take amy more messages. Hmmm.

Irritated by the lack of update, I contacted Paypal and asked them to open a dispute and kudos to Paypal on Twitter, they are very good indeed with customer service.  Within 5 minutes – FIVE MINUTES – of a dispute opening I got an email reply.

Her reply was along the lines of “So sorry – this has been listed on our system as ‘refunded’. I think this is because you opened a dispute.” Uh-huh, that’s right and it seems it was the only way to get them to respond – besides, seeing as the claim only happened 5 minutes before, that couldn’t have delayed the order! 

She then offered to refund or send the item the following week. I replied, cos I still had faith and asked if she were to ship them, if she could get them to me for the end of the week (we are only a week away from Christmas)…and no reply. HMMM.

Deciding to give up once and for all, I emailed again and just asked for a refund.  Fast forward another day, and a refund arrives.  No further email to apologise or explain why there was a delay. If she was able to ship my carrier out the following week, why was it not shipped out after purchase?  Had she sent me an email reply explaining why there was a delay in the first place, I would have no problem waiting but I do have a problem with a company taking my money then deciding it’s ok to not supply the item or explain what is happening. 

I can’t believe a small business that is in competitive market, who must rely on good feedback behaved so ignorantly and that I’ve wasted 2 weeks waiting for nothing

Oh well.  Now I am looking to order a Boba Carrier 3G – it’s dearer but this time I’ll order it from somewhere that will actually send the item out in good time!

Until then…my arms are getting stronger carrying Baby C everywhere! Heave-ho!

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  1. says

    This is a good example of how some businesses are failing to realise the impact of their inferior service. After reading this I will be steering clear of Mumsnet.