Randomosity: My new Shu Uemura Palette

Shu Uemura brought out a large palette costing £25 which takes 36 shadows or 18 blushers. My Shu Shadows don’t get much love so I decided to pick out my favs and put them in my big palette. Here it is:

shu uemura palette.jpg

Notice the colors with a dip in them are the metallic shades from the older formula (before it got a nice posh, sturdy thick case). They are delicious, the best shadows in the world, ever. Shu is a bit more hit and miss these days.

All swatches will be online next week with the product names too. Until then, marvel at my palette! Isn’t it pretty! Coochie-coochie-coo!

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  1. says

    where did you find the palette? i’ve been driving my counter girls crazy asking for one that’s larger than four e/s pans, and they think i’m nuts. we don’t have a free standing store, but couldn’t find it on the website either??

  2. says

    eghh…i thought i posted this earlier..what’s up with my computer?!

    anyway, i was asking–where did you get the empty palette? i’m driving the girls at my shu counters crazy asking about one–and all they can direct me to is a four pan. i’ve even looked online!!

  3. shah says


    I have the smaller size silver metal palette. I don’t live int he UK. Do you know if it can be ordered online from the UK?


    • Row says

      Hi Shah

      Try mail order from the Shu Shop in London (where I bought mine). If you live in Manchester or Leeds you can buy it from a local counter or there is Beautyexpert.com which is now a Shu stockist.

      London store – 020 7240 7635 – it was £25

  4. Patty says

    This looks so divine! I’m so addicted to Shu stuff right now.. My palettes are quite empty at the moment but I’m working on it..

  5. Shah says

    Thanks so much. I’ll call up the London Shu store and see if it can be mailed to Asia and for how much.