Randomness No. 1: New Health & Beauty Goals

I’ve decided I have three health and beauty (albeit shallow) goals:

1. Lose weight (that old chestnut) properly.

2. Look after my skin properly.

3. Grow my hair properly.


Can you believe I haven’t been abroad for the last 4-5 years? Life and work has got in the way but I am determined to spend some time away and just rest this summer.

Which means – its time to lose the carb face. I can now comfortably wear a pair of size 14 (UK) pants which used to fall down on me 18 months ago. Bad.

So I have purchased this 30 Day Shred DVD, which many ladies have been doing on Twitter.

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred [DVD] [2007].jpg

Well, it made me tired just watching it. Unfortunately I am rubbish at following diets and exercise routines but with a goal in mind I can really focus and will be eating better (bye bye Cola) and exercising…as much as I can.

Can’t say I’ll have time to do it everyday though!

Will report back properly in a month, I’ll do the best I can!


My skin is like up, down, up, down.

I had a skin scan a while ago where the woman said I have great skin but I would have to say it may be healthy underneath but its not nice on the top.

I have dry, then I have oily, its sensitive, its flaky…gah. I think I am trying too many things in a short space of time which is making my skin all pink and sore.

I’ve fallen in love with Dr Lewinn’s skincare range – hard – but will know for sure after a month if its just puppy love or true love.


My hair has the ability to grow long, very very long and about 18 months ago it was flowing down my back – people marvelled at it, children played with it, cats slept on it.

Then…you let one hairdresser hack away at it, then another starts chopping and before it you have a bob.

Not that its an entirely bad thing. As you get older, there’s something about having ridiculously long hair that is bit desperate. I mean the extremely long hair, with tatty ends that scream CUT ME!

Nevertheless, I didn’t appreciate how easy it was to curl it, crimp it, play with it when it was long. Therefore, I am growing it again and I want it long (but not too long) and most importantly, healthy! Long ratty hair is a no-no.

So I have to stop dying it, and washing it every day as I’m sure this is damaging and drying.

That’s all really…

Trying out any diets for the summer yourself? Or a new skincare range? What’s new with youuuuu?

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  1. says

    I neeeed to diet .. Really..I mean it. *munches kitkat caramel chunkiee*
    I have downloaded 30 days shred like 30 days ago and I haven’t exercied a day. I need to lose weight before june..ekk. Now I am depressed and I am emotional eater. What to do ?? What to do??

  2. liloo says

    people marvelled at it, children played with it, cats slept on it = haha
    “So I have to stop dying it, and washing it every day as I’m sure this is damaging and drying” >> I don’t think this is necessarily bad for your hair.Most of shampoos are designed to be used on a daily basis. And from what I gathered you use a very kind hair colourant ‘herbatint’ which is presumably organic, fair trade, low fat, dolphin friendly, and gives money back to charity, so you’re all right :) My advice is, if you can, is to let it air dry as much as you can. Trouble with all those conditioners and hair protectors is that it makes your hair greasy quicker which then makes you want to wash it every day.

    Also your hair doesnt have to be poker straight all the time. This is something which drives me bonkers: this obsession with people to have straightened hair. Who started it? An employee from GHD? What’s wrong with a bit wavy natural hair. It almost feels as if naturally a bit wavy hair is unsightly, like having a unibrow or something. This has got to stop. If you can bear with, and most of all, if your workplace does not put too much pressure on you, let your hair breathe a bit and it will thank you. Long live long hair x

    • Row says

      Hi Liloo

      Ok my sweet – I am already starting a gentler routine on my hair! I need it to be nice, naturally!

  3. says

    The 30 Day Shred is awesome. My husband bought it for me when he knew I wanted a great workout DVD. Jillian is a butt kicker, but it totally works :) I just need to be more disciplined about keeping up with it every day :p