Random Haul: Hello Kitty Security Stamp & Kikis Delivery Service

I was actually shopping on Strapya World – an online Japanese bric-a-brac store which looks like its on acid – for some gems and sticky things to do a customisation tutorial…

But I also ended up with these cool bits!

Strapya Mekakushi Stamp Cat Kikis Delivery Service.jpg

Kikis Delivery Service mini stamp set, and a Hello Kitty Security Stamp. If you don’t know what Kiki’s Delivery Service is, its an animation written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

The stamps…lots of Gigi (the cat)!

Kikis Delivery Service .jpg

By the way I got the last one. Sorry!

They also had some Totoro ones:

Kikis Delivery Service Stamps.jpg

These are tiny stamps but are quite cute for decorating letters (yes I still write letters and not just of complaint).

I also bought a security stamp! If you have never seen these before, these are for blocking out your address and security info.

Its good for documents you have to keep but you want to be extra safe of for preshredding. Ok – I never shred things. But still, IF I did…

Mekakushi Stamp Hello Kitty.jpg

This one is extra special because it inserts hearts and Hello Kitty heads! It does really work by the way. This one is refillable or you can just use an ink pad.

Hello Kitty Stamp Security.jpg

I nearly bought this – it took me everything to not buy it I tell ya!

Like or dislike?!

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  1. carla says

    WHY did I clink on that link!! So much stuff I never knew I needed! Not content with giving us beauty lemmings eh?! 😛

    Seriously though I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you, many a time I’ve been googling for really random product swatches and 9 times out of 10 your blog pops up with the only ones. <3

  2. says

    Heh, I have lots of totoro stamp sets, and one set of kiki stamps.
    After a while I had to stop buying them since I don’t use them enough!

  3. says

    HAHAHAHA!!! That box! OH MY GOD hahahaha how sweet! Oh bummer.. Rowena why did you do this to me >___< now i will own pretty precious little stationary bits and bobs – more than i have already BWHAHA! Ooo such a groovy wee site….. *purse and money trembles* ee!! xx