Random Beauty: Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Duo Highlighter

I was on a make up no buy (honest) and it totally, completely flew out of the window when my eyes saw this beauty from the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato collection.

By the way, I like cats.

The Duo Colour Highlighter:

shu uemura tsumori chisato.jpg

Shu Uemura was my first ever favourite brand, its what made me love make up, I just don’t quite remember it being so damn expensive. I would have bought 2 of these (one to save, one to use) but at £35, it was just too much.

The packaging:

shu uemura tsumori chisato-1.jpg

Gorgeous!The highlighter itself is a pretty light peach gold with a gold.

The plastic sheeting on top has the cute cats face on it:

chisato shu uemura.jpg

What the powder looks like! Has a slight glittery edge to it – gorgeous but am I going to use it? Hell no!

chisato shu uemura-1.jpg

Like it? Love it? Think its too expensive?

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  1. says

    i was tempted too but after seeing the price my lemming died. Its too expensive for a highlighter especially when I have so many.

  2. says

    Looooove! It’s so adorable! I have no idea how much 35 is in $$ though…I think its a lot? I wouldn’t buy it myself, but would love to get it as a present!

  3. says

    £ 35 for a highlighter? Ahhh, I’d be better off looking somewhere else for something more affordable.

    Btw Row, do you own any SUQQU eyeshadow palettes? Care to review them?

  4. says

    Ah, I think I’ve seen these too many times already..I need to take a break with no Tsumori Chisato-ness @_@
    Thank God I don’t have any of the collection….I’d hate it by now >.<

  5. Kat says

    Hi there~! My mom bought this for me at 2,400 pesos or roughly $50! It’s so expensive but the SA told me that it does a lot. I put it on my cheekbone, nosebridge, forehead and chin. But he also said it can be used as a touch up powder for my age.

    I really like it, but after a week of using it, I discovered a huge zit on my left cheekbone and a couple of small but many pimples on my forehead and chin. I’m not sure if it’s the highlighter but I’ll try to stop using it first to see.