Random Beauty Shot: YSL Palette Pop

YSL Palette Pop, a Limited Edition soft powder with a mixture of warm tones:

YSL Love pop palette.jpg

This was part of the Spring 2008 collection.

Picked this up recently on eBay for £15!

What do you think? Worthy of being a random beauty?

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  1. nice, but annoying to use probably because all the colours would probably fall into each other- still; extremely cute!

  2. swatches!!! haha.. dear.. i have already received the body shop pencils and i fall in love with it.. (im using it at this very moment)


  3. I don’t understand make-up like this cuz how do you separately use the colors on your cheeks? It’s cute …I guess thats why it’s a limited thing? Maybe I’m just dumb ahha

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