Rambings from a crazy insomniac…

I’ve been finding it impossible to sleep like a normal human these days, so I fall asleep at 6am and wake up at 3pm! I know – I was thinking of staying up for 24 hours to reset my body clock so I could fall asleep at a normal time, like 12pm.

Anyway whilst I’m here I just want to share a few home comforts which are nursing me as I type –

My Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine –

I love coffee. I have another coffee machine called the Senseo, which uses Coffee teabags – but its not very good – it leaves the coffee lukewarm since the heater inside does not get hot enough. This Senseo is perfect though! Easy to use, easy to clean with all different types of coffees – Cappucino is my recommended one, although you can get Macchiatos and Lattes and a very delicious hot chocoate flavour. You can also make cold drinks, although Nestle haven’t released the cold drink catridges yet.

I know it’s not a Gaggia but frankly I don’t have the energy to grind down beans etc. I actually prefer this Nescafe coffee to the raw, freshly ground stuff. My aunt bought me some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee once, one of the most expensive in the world, and all I could think was – urgh, aftertaste! So it really is down to preference (in the same way I prefer Cadbury’s dairy milk to 99% Cocoa Lint bars.)

Downside? Refills are expensive – 8 cups for £3 – well much cheaper than Starbucks I guess, but not when you have 3 cups a day.

I am also relying on this heater –

It provides a lot of light too! It is SO cold in England at the moment I can’t live without it. I am trying to reduce the amount of time I have it on – if I still lived with my Mum she would be moaning about the heating bills now, but seriously I am chilled to the bone…

I better finish this post with something beauty related right?

I’ve had an overload of Janice Dickeson as she’s on a British show called I’m a Celebrity get me out of here. She’s extremely loud, occasionally vulnerable, always a personality. I found this picture of her from her youth:

Wow! How beautiful is she! She reminds me of Phoebe Cates a little…but she is just very very beautiful here.

Then in her current position:

She’s obviously had lots of surgery. Ageing must be difficult for models, especially well known ones but I wonder if she would have aged beautifully without the surgery? A lot of the other supermodels certainly have (I’m not saying without help, but not with so much obvious help….)

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  1. nilla cookie says

    Janice was so beautiful in her hey day. I wish she would have let herself grow old(er) gracefully – I bet she would have still be amazing!

  2. RF says

    Nilla Cookie – she was a real beauty back then but she’s quite scary these days. I am sure she could have aged nicely like the other supers! Cindy C, Linda E, Elle Macpherson etc.