Do not drink: Radox Shower Smoothies Review

I don’t review Shower products that often but I thought I’d give the Radox Shower Smoothies mention because I like them quite a lot – and I am quite fussy, I don’t like anything too drying.

I just think they look rather tasty like smoothies! Yummy. I have tried natural balance with is honey based and soul soother which is berry like.

Just incase you get hungry:


Yeah don’t drink it you fools!

Overall I really like this shower gel and I am quite indifferent to shower gels as long as they don’t make my itch and don’t dry my skin I’m ok.

I won’t say this is HYDRATING, it just isn’t too drying for my sensitive skin. It smells lovely!


Tried these? Like them? Hate them?

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  1. birkie says

    haha, they probably put on these disclaimers because people have sued them over these things before (especially in US society…they learned from these people). Well, even though I would be incredibly thirsty I would gladly skip this concoction…
    I have not tried these but I am no UK resident so it is not easily available for me. I probably would skip these in the UK anyway, because the Radox-types of brands do not really mingle with my sensitive skin.

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    Would love to try these but they are outside my budget. I use so much shower gel and bath stuff, i always get what’s cheaper really xx but these looks sumptuous all the same xx

  3. says

    I was lucky enough to be the Facebook judge on the Radox competition to name the new shower smoothie and absolutely loved the Natural Balance product with honey. It smelled like a premium priced product at an affordable price. The new shower smoothie hits the stores in March and I can now confirm it is called Island Indulgence! x x