Quick Sale Haul – Rimmel, Soap & Glory, Bourjois

I popped into Boots today and got some half price goodies!

Although I am not a big user of Rimmel – some of the products aren’t great, and the packaging breaks on me in a matter of days, I like the look of this palette:

It comes in two tiers, featuring 15 eyeshadows, four lip colours and three blushers.

I love the layout of the eyeshadows! They are more shimmery in real life, and are well divided into blues, mauves and naturals. Rimmel eyeshadows are ok quality – not madly pigmented but they would be good for a sheer look and of course, with primer potion underneath.

I like the blushes too. The darker shade is almost a bronzer.

Price? £7.50 (sorry no links – it is all sold out online anyhow).

Next is Soap & Glory. I loved the travel bag to be honest:

Creamy Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Shea butter and Sugar Body Polish, Body Butter, Moisturising Mist, Clay Mask, Bath Bar and Eye Mask.

The eyemask has pearls inside and I think it can be refrigerated for a cooling sensation.

I had a bit of a rash with the glossing mist so I will have to wait to see if the other products will work on me.

This kit was: £9

Then Bourjois! These gift sets are beautifully presented in novelty boxes which can be folded over:

Chocolate Blusher set:

The bronzer resembles as chocolate bar and comes with a bluffer brush! all for £5!

Firecracker set with gloss and eyeshadow in Noir – its a black green and with volume mascara, £7.50/

Folded over box:

I have tried Bourjois gloss and eyeshadow here and there – although the mascaras don’t work for me, I love the glosses and quaintness of the brand.

Anything else? Well….

I found this feather headband. I ADORE it – it fits perfectly and I love the ruffles – however, does anyone know if it is suitable for a wedding? I know black is associated with funerals but sometimes if my outfit is going to be all dark, then it might not matter…but perhaps someone with more experiences of weddings can tell me if it is ok or not…

I have a wedding to go to! Finally! The make up planning begins NOW!

I have a sewing table at home so I decided to buy a mini iron so I don’t need to heat up the giant iron we have on little creases. It cost £2.50 – and as you can see, it is about the size of 2 Bourjois eyeshadows:

This wasn’t from the sale, but still it only cost me 99p! I had wanted a precision curler for a while – in my experience, plastic curlers ALWAYS break on me – maybe I am exerting too much force, but anyway, I want to try this out. I have been wanting the Japonesque precision curler for a while, but that’s about £27…

That’s all for now. Tis the early hours in England! I think it is about to snow. Say bye bye, Gingerbread Man!:

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  1. MandyPandy says

    That Bourjois Bronzer is wonderful (I used to have it in Peau Clair/Median 51); it’s very subtle and quite natural looking. I can’t believe you nabbed the bronzer/brush set for only $10! Ahhh! Here in the States, we have to pay $18 for the bronzer alone, and it never goes on sale as it’s considered a ‘Prestige Brand'(though Sephora and Ulta occasionally issue 20% discounts that are applicable).

  2. Row says

    Hey MandyPandy..

    Well, the set was £10, so about $20 but still, what a bargain! I didn’t bourjois was a prestige brand in the US, in the UK its more of a drugstore brand but I wouldn’t say its THAT cheap. I mean £8 for a mascara, is not far of say the price of a Clinique mascara…

    But yeah I can’t wait to try this now! Its very cute!

    THanks for commenting!

  3. MandyPandy says

    Sorry, I got confused over the ‘all for £5!’ part. Well, it still makes me bitter, LOL! I wish Bourjois would hold a sale or two, Stateside. *sigh*

    Yes,I think retail prices for major drugstore brands have been rising here as well; prices for products from Revlon and L’oreal (especially the HiP line) are creeping ever upwards. I think $10-11 for an eyeshadow, mascara or liner is a bit much for D/S brands, when a similar item from MAC is only $14.

  4. Row says

    Oh no, your right – d’oh, I did only pay £5 so it would be $10 :)

    I am really intrigued by the HIP line – we don’t have HIP, NYX, Max Factor (the funkier line), MARK – we get the dull stuff thats really overpriced.

    I went to a supposedly cheaper drugstore to look around and the eyeshadow palettes were like £11! And this is a bargain basement kinda store. No way would I pay that price for that product.

    In the good old days I used to buy make up for 99p from Collection 2000 – I mean in my teens, or even better got it free with Mizz Magazine!