Quick Nars Make Over

I did a quite dash around and picked up some long time lemmings today.

Nars have a new LE palette (£37):

It looks a bit odd but it’s super hot!

Shades include:
– Kilimanjaro I (opalescent gold)
– Bohemian Gold II (iridescent copper)
– Surbaya II (chestnut)
– Himalayas (iridescent pink)
– Ondine (plum with gold shimmer)
– Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearls)

The look that was created for me was using Kilimanjaro as a highlighter, Night flight as a crease colour with Bohemian gold – when mixed together, they turn in a purple!

Do you like it? My girl Leena at Nars did the look – I wanted something dramatic for the evening. I really like this palette but I love everything Nars anyway. At £37 its a really reasonable price for 6 different shades. More of these LE palettes, Nars, more!

I also have a sample of NARS new night cream – I am going to test it out and see what happens. Let’s see if I look all juicy and plump (in the face) I’ll let you know!

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  1. says

    So gorgeous! Did she use the same shade to line the eye? I’m loving this palette! And your skin is so perfect and glowy, I’m jealous 😉

  2. sim says

    ooo loving the hat, where is it from? btw have u ever tried the nars liquid eyeliners? if so, how are they?

  3. Row says

    Hi Emma! This palette is on sale on most Nars counters, but depending where you are in the world you can also look online – also its on sale on Sephora.com

  4. Row says

    Hey Ana Marta!

    Okey…let me think. I believe it was a wetted brush with Night Flight (in the palette) and tightlining (under the lashes) and in the lashes. No pencil or liquid used!

    The skin was the Nars primer (white one and the black one on t zone), the new Anti Aging foundation, and the Multiple in Copacobana on the top of the cheek, Palm Beach under. Ohh I’m glad you like it! It might be sweat rather than glow :)

  5. Row says

    Hey Sim!

    The hat is from ebay, let me find the seller….ocean0110. Mine is a tamtam rasta style hat (its baggy at the back).

    Yes I have several of the Nars liquid eyeliner!

    Pros: What I do like about them is they are like inkwells so you can dip a thin brush in (or tap it into the lid – I have never sucessfully done this though!) and draw a line. So you can control the amount of colour you have on and the colours are very pigmented.

    Cons: Its tricky for the beginner to liquid eyeliners and takes a bit longer to use than say the pen type liquid eyeliner. It takes a bit longer to dry too – so it depends how experienced you are with liquid liners.

    If you aren’t as comfortable wth liquids, I recommend Shu Uemura’s felt tip liquid liner which is idiot proof – if you are mildly confident I recommend Guerlain’s Divinora Liquid Liner.