Quick MAC Hello Kitty Update

I’ve been having a look at the secret MAC URL for the Hello Kitty Preview and its not quite carnage (as it was with Barbie) – the only item that has sold out is Cute-ster lipstick (a sheer coral-peach) everything else is still in stock.  The prices remain the same a lot of the main products (like lipstick, blush) although the Hello Kitty merchandise is quite pricey – £31.32 for the bag, £44.04 for the vinyl vanity case etc.

I have my eye on 3 items only Cute-ster (sold out!) Big Bow lipstick and Fun and Games Blush (possible Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner) and none of the merchandise.

This is only a preview mind you, so there’s still time to mull over potential purchases in the next 2 weeks when the collection is officially launched.  There are some amazing reviews around done by the US ladies who have had the collection for a while now, that should get your haul list right down!

UPDATE: Ok, I’m rubbish. I ordered Big Bow Lipstick, Fun and Games Blusher and Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner.  Perhaps I’ll get Cutes-ter when it’s officially released but you know what? Apart from those bits there’s nothing else from the collection I couldn’t live without. 


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  1. Christie says

    I actually wanted loads from this collection when i first seen it. But after watching loads of haul videos from america…I don’t really want that much anymore. I’d like one of the lip conditioners, mimmy lipglass, tippy blush & milk pigment. I think waiting so long has put me off a bit.
    x x x

    • Row says

      Hi Christie

      It goes to show how much of what we buy is an impulse buy! I agree when I first heard of this I thought I wanted everything. Now I have a chance to see how the ladies in the US have reacted to it, I only want 2 of the lipsticks, a blush, and maybe one tendertone. That’s a huge difference from EVERYTHING!hehe. Plus I noticed nothing was really sold out from the preview today. It might not be a big of a hit as people think. Plus we can’t return stuff in the UK – we have no choice but to keep it or sell it or give it away. Plus everyone is poor, lol xxx

  2. says

    Ohh I managed to get HK swap from another blogger in the US. i bought Cute-ster and it`s def pretty! cant believe it sold out there already! Fun and games also v pretty! i bought a lipgloss too in candy love! was much in the US me thinks!!

    • Row says

      Hey Nicola!

      Cute-ster was back in stock last night, but that was only the preview! So I think once the range arrive properly people will be ok getting hold of it :)

      I ordered:

      Big Bow
      Pink Fish TLC
      Fun and Games Blush
      The pink polish

      Yes…after saying I wouldn’t buy anything….