Quick EOTD

Here is my quick EOTD photo with purple and golds…

I won’t lie and said I did it, the nice lady at Nars did. Was trying to rustle up a look for a wedding you see…

She used:

Nars Violetta (purple)
Nars Showgirl (eyeliner)

The rest of it was what I slapped on in the morning, Lavshuca Eye Jelly in GD1 and Lunasol Lighting Eyes Quad.

I like the combo of purple and gold, although it reminds me of a chocolate eclair sweetie wrapper.

And I finally threw out my trash after a year.

No, not that trash! My Macbook trash. I’ve put it off for a year because I keep thinking I might throw out an important document I accidentally swept in there…well, its 2008 so I emptied the bin and there were 6,824 documents in there! Eek. Good news is the MAC feels cleansed.

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  1. Row says

    Thankyou Vanesssa, kiukiu & Karen!

    yes try it out! I felt very regal in purple & gold, very regal indeed…