Quick Bobbi Brown Swatches

I was so desperate to see the BB palettes that I went to my local counter last night.  The main palette (Lip and Eye) with red on the lips and golds on the eyes had sold out already.

I tried out the velvet plum palette was was ok – the shade Velvet Plum, the rest of the colours were dull for me.

The two Moon Rock and Night Sky cream eyeshadow/liner palettes were nice! Night sky has a beautiful blue shade and a light frosty blue and two liners which looked pretty similar to me.

Moon Rock is a STUNNA!  There is a gorgeous light gold, a perfect gunmetal taupe and two liners, one a definate black the other is a dark brown.  This is definately the one to go for.  I wish I had found the lip and eye palette too though!

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  1. says

    Yesterday I swatched the Moon Rock one and I also loved it, especially the shimmery gel ink, wonderful! I’m still deciding whether to get it or not, I got a few thing from RMK’s and Paul & Joe’s new collections so I’m kind of hoping BB will make the gel ink perm and I don’t have to get the palette.

    Oh, I’m not sure if you get Paul & Joe in Manchester, but the new Pearl Powders they released are to die for. They’re everything I always wanted the MAC Pigments to be, so smooth and blendable, even better than the texture of the new Overrich pigments (which imho had the better texture). And they said they were going to release the Disney collection in the UK for this Christmas, the same one released earlier in Japan, but it’s nice not to have to pay for the mark-up!!

  2. Row says

    Hey Ana Marta!

    Oh my god – I’ve seen the Paul & Joe online, which shop did you see it in? If you can let me know I may call them up to do a mail order – I adore P&J eye glosses, the powder you mentioned sounds amazing, the kitty pouch as well looks great! *squeal*

    Disney collection! I got that and never used it *hmph* Oh yes I am utterly in love with Moon Rock. I even like the look of the Face & Lip Palette but if I had to choose I’d get some Paul and Joe instead even though I would be buying it blind :)

  3. says

    Ooohhh I’m faltering… I could also love Moon Rock so much… I might go back tomorrow!!

    Paul & Joe is sold on Fenwicks Bond Street, I’m not sure if they do mail orders, but probably do. Try to talk to Yoshi from the Paul & Joe counter, she’s great, super nice and always adds some nice GWPs like makeup pouches and skincare samples.

    I’m with you on the eye glosses, the new formula appears even better, but the shimmer is more “in line” with the color (unlike that holographic shimmer), still beautiful, and the 05 is a super sexy smoky purple-brown.

    I’m going to try a look tomorrow with the pearl powders and the eye gloss, you can visit my blog at night to see them, you might not understand the words but can see the pictures :-)

    Sorry for being a tease, it’s kind of a “revenge” for being teased by your description of NARS Kyoto, I just had to add it to my collection after your post 😉

    Oh, some “good” news, apparentely the japanese factory got a bit delayed with the lipstick and blush sets so they’ll only receive them closer to Christmas… I can’t wait to try the marble blushes!!!

  4. Row says

    Hey Ana Marta

    Did you buy Moon Rock! I definately want it.

    I will try to call Fenwicks too.

    So you recommend the pearl powders? I would like to try one but Im not sure – i have tons of MAC pigments and I never ever use them so I don’t know if its wise to buy some.

    I adore the P & J Kitty design its HOT! I cant wait for it to be released. ARGH! Too many Christmas collections! x