Quick Beauty Tip: Where to get storage pots for pigment

I hate dealing with pigments on a day to day basis – they get everywhere but the best way to carry or use my many many loose powder shadows is to put them into those stackable pots. However – I was shocked when they charged me a whopping £4.60 for a 6 tier stackable – its EMPTY for christssake! Talk about taking advantage.

Muji and Chemists also sell the empty stackable but I find them too deep – I prefer something a bit more shallow so I but these ones from craft stores (like Hobbycraft or eBay) for £1.50 each:


I empty the glitters, use them for crafts or give them to the kids. It’s a much cheaper way to get some storage space:

DSC02308 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


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