Putting the perfect brown palette together! Mary Quant Eye Opener Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

I have already showed you my Mary Quant palette which took much planning. On my last trip to London I went to the Mary Quant shop again, with a plan to put together a palette of neutrals and browns!

I bought 8 in total and a case:

Mary Quant Eye Opener brown eyeshadow

I had semi planned this in my head by looking at the website colours but once I got there, it was much easier to swatch and decide what would work together.

In the end I got –

FP02: Pale Light Pink Shimmer

FY04: Yellow Gold

FY06: Matte mid brown

FP07: Reddish dark brown

N05: Metallic Warm Brown

N06: Metallic Greyish Taupe

FO06: Metallic Chocolate

L07: Matte Black

Mary Quant Eyeshadow Palette Browns

(thanks to Holly from Yummy Mummy blog who I dragged to the shop and helped me pick the shades!)

Like many Japanese brands Mary Quant’s eyeshadows follow a name system, so you can guess what family an eyeshadow is from based by the letter in the name, so FY = Yellow Based Browns, FP = Red Based Browns, N = Neutrals, L = Neutral light to dark shades (ie. from pure white to black). There are 7 shades in each group you that is what the number represents 1 being the lightest and 8 being the darkest.

I can wear cool and warm neutrals, so I went for a mix.  I knew I wanted a useful mid toned mat brown and a matte black for lining.  I also really wanted a silvery taupe and a reddish brown.

Mary Quant Eyeshadow Browns

My paler colours are in the first 4. I used these shades a lot!

The second lot of colours are the darker and richer tones. Love these and even though they look quite similar in the flesh (in the pan), swatched, I can totally justify the difference in shades.

Mary Quant Eyeshadow
Taupey brown, warm chocolate brown and a medium fawn type brown and black.
I am loving my palette! I keep using it every day for a super neutral eye and the pigments are nice and soft, and easy to blend.  I like!
I paid £7 per shadow and about £10 for the case.
Have you ever put together a neutral palette?
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  1. says

    What great fun!! I love constructing my own palettes as well!! LOL! The colours look very nice…I never knew Mary Quant was a Japanese brand and I live in Japan…I do see it in magazines and always assumed it was from the US or UK…it’s very cute…