PurMinerals Product Review; Correcting Primer 4 in 1 Mineral Make up and More!

I have recently got into mineral make up again – I guess because my lifestyle has changed, and I do spend much more time indoors I don’t want to go over the top with make up, but want to feel a little bit more put together day to day with as little effort as possible, hence I want a natural alternative.  

So first up then, I tried a selection of products from Pur Minerals.  Pur Minerals I had heard of but never tried – well they also recently landed at Marks and Spencers (who have got a quite impressive niche collection of brands in their beauty halls that you can’t get anywhere else in the UK).  

My picks: PurMinerals Product Review Correcting Primer 4 in 1 Mineral Make up and More

The PurMinerals range is fairly large, like other mineral make up brands (such as BareEscentuals) is has a similar feel in my opinion, with base, colour and skincare products to choose from.  

Pur Correcting Primer Prep and Perfect is the first product I tried.  The brand has quite a collection of primers, translucent like this one and also colour correcting ones to choose from.  

This correcting primer is paraben free and is created to reduce the appearance of pores and to brighten the skin.  

Pur Correcting Primer Prep and Perfect

I like this primer – it has a nice rich feeling without being heavy and the white does disappear so it doesn’t look ashy, but leaves you with a brighter complexion.  It does have that silicone feeling, however, it is not like a ‘slick’ on the skin which I personally can’t stand – it feels more like a lotion than a silicone base, which is a positive thing. 

As for hiding redness and pores, once again, it does pretty well.  It evens out the skin and brightens and did a decent job of hiding the pores making my skin look smoother overall without being over the top. Sometimes pore concealers can look very heavy and unnatural and this wasn’t uncomfortable to wear. 

4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Make Up – their must have product!

I will not give up on finding the perfect powder foundation for me, even though I have dry skin and can struggle with them.  I have golden Medium – the shades are called things like ‘Light, Tan, Light Tan, Medium Tan’ etc – I find this naming system makes it somewhat clearer when choosing a base, rather than ambitious numbers or whatever. 

Golden Medium works quite well on my skin tone.  Perhaps it needs a touch more yellow, and a touch more warmth to look perfect, but it’s close enough:

4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Make Up

This 4-in-1 base is called that because it works as a foundation, powder, concealer and SPF.  I think this could be used as all four – depends how you feel about using one powder for everything (I still prefer a separate concealer) but it is certainly a very soft powder with decent pigmentation so you could use it for various things.  Arguably, you could do that with any decent powder foundation or foundation! 

Applying this with the sponge was fine but I used it with a kabuki brush with the primer underneath and preferred this – it works well with the primer to create an even base without looking cakey. 

Disappearing Act 4-in-1 Concealer:

Purminerals Concealer

This concealer comes in 4 shades (light, medium, tan, dark) and it’s my favourite product of all the things I have tested.  It has a oily texture which is very soft, but it’s also quite opaque and light on the skin, so it cover really well without feeling heavy. It’s very good under the eyes because of the ‘slick’ texture but also on redness for example. I have medium here. 

It’s almost like a liquid concealer but in a pot form! It reminds me of Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, but it creases less. A very decent concealer indeed although perhaps not for super oily skins. 

Eyeshadow Trio in Bohemian Bombshell:

Purminerals Perferct Fit eyeshadow bohemian Bombshell

Unfortunately this product was my least favourite – it lacked pigment and I had to use quite a lot of effort to get the below swatches.  the green which to me should be the killer shade in this palette, was chalky.  When I applied it to my eyes it was practically invisible.  I imagine if you want a very subtle effect you might get some use out of this eyeshadow – plus other colours may be more pigmented than this one, but this one wasn’t rich enough for me.

Swatches:4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Make Up

Using the products and looking grumpy below (see what I mean about the eyeshadow!)

4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Make Up 1

PurMinerals is a nice little brand and there’s definitely some interesting things to check out from the company.  For me the concealer is excellent, followed by the primer – both are products I can imagine incorporating into my regular make up routine.  

See the range sold at M&S here.


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