Purifyne 3 Day Detox (Signature Cleanse Plan B) Review

I’ve always loved the idea of going on a detox – and yes, I am definitely partial to the odd kebab (but it’s a great kebab!) I also generally eat fresh food only.  However, there’s that sluggish, heavy feeling in the gut that always remains and this Purifyne 3 Day Detox seemed like the perfect chance to flush my system out (so to speak).  3 days also seemed like a realistic achievable duration for me – anything longer and inevitably, I eat out, I have family meals etc. and it’s hard to avoid food.

I’ll try and keep this review and concise as possible! 


The company delivers all over the UK by courier, and they only offer certified organic products.  They offer a large variety of juices and support to during your plan as well as flexible start dates.  Due to the winds, my planned start date was pushed back but I received a call to ask if this was ok to go ahead – communication is spot on.

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review

What arrived was two boxes with cold packs full of large bottles of juices, and a paper bag with a guide sheet and some supplements and body glove for body brushing.  You pretty much get everything you need apart from; additional coconut water which is recommended, and acai berry juice (which you can buy from Holland and Barrett).  Be aware and get these before your detox starts!

The Juices

You consume 4 juices in one day. They are substantial so they do kerb hunger (depending on how big your appetite is of course). The flavours are really quite creative and unusual – vegetables and fruit are mixed together, even things like garlic!  The combinations vary.

If you are expecting Innocent Smoothies, then…no.  These juices are not about sweetness really, they are just natural veg and fruit blended…they taste like what they are if that makes sense.  I asked Mr C to try some and he could taste every fruit and vegetable in the drinks.  I thought some were nicer than others, (such as a Sweet Potato drink which from memory also contained carrot, blueberry and apple).  None were horrible or undrinkable, but any that contained Ginger tasted quite strongly of it, as did the ones that contained celery.  Of course if you have any serious dislikes, do leave them a note when ordering.

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review 1

Each bottle has a generous amount of juice and as they are fresh, they have a short expiry date (written on the side of the bottle). I had a problem with one bottle, which leaked even though it was unopened on to my bed (it had to be one with beetroot!!!).  

In between juices you should stay hydrated and drink things like herbal teas and coconut water. Their coconut water was the most delicious I have ever tasted and now I am sad because Vita Coco tastes like bath water in comparison.  


Everything arrived in brilliant condition and the cool bags the drinks come in are reusable which makes them useful for future picnics and also if I need to transport food and drink around. 

Fridge Space

Remember to clear out a shelf in the fridge! I forgot and had to rearrange on the morning they got here.  You need room for 16 fairly big bottles of juice!

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review 2

Each Cleanse Plan comes with a routine.  You get a copy via email and a laminated version with the kit. 

This guide was EXCELLENT. Everything is spelled out CLEARLY so you know exactly what to take and when. 

I’ll give you an example of what my plan looked like;


  • A glass of warm water with lemon
  • Morning dry brushing: circle movements towards your heart
  • A flat tablespoon of Colosan powder (mix it with ¼ of your Morning juice)
  • Have some squeezed lemon juice after your Colosan powder
30 Min later take:
  • 1 capsule of Spirulina
  • A flat teaspoon of Green Superfoods (mix it with ¼ of your Purifyne juice)
  • 2 capsules of Essential Fatty Acids
  • 2 capsules of Liver support supplements

Juices*: Drink juices in small portions but more frequently throughout the day

  • *”Morning” Juice: use one of the juices provided with the following ingredients: Carrot, Apples, Beetroot, Ginger, Red Cabbage
  • The 2nd Purifyne Juices (of your choice) and/ or
  • A shot glass of Aloe Vera Juice
  • A shot glass of Acai Berry Juice
  • Drink Herbal teas, Coconut water**, Still water, Broth or Ginger drink
And so on….
At first it seems like a complex plan but it is quite plainly spelt out for you what to take, and when. 
If you choose to detox whilst working, you will have to probably use the cool bag and transport everything you need with you.  
They provide all the supplements which is useful:

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review Live Support

I was a bit scared I’d have pill overload and end up with pains and what not – it has happened before. I seemed to be ok with the Colosan powder etc. though.  The tea is quite bitter if over brewed so lightly stew it! 

You also get a E3Live liquid supplement which is a dark green liquid to add to some drink. It tastes a bit grassy so do follow instructions and add it to a bit of your drink, not all of it. 

You also get the body buffer:

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review 3

Day 1

This was easy enough apart from having to try and find fridge space. 

I also found it a break from having to decide what to cook (I have to eat and cook fast these days because of Baby H!).  

Day 2

I missed having things to chew. I wasn’t even hungry because the juices are substantial. Find myself putting a kettle chip in my mouth them remembering about the detox and have to spit it out…oh the indignity. 

Day 3

Migraine. First thing too. This knocks me out to be honest and I find it hard to get by – it’s not easy being ill and looking after a toddler but the headache is gone by 4pm.  I drink a lot of almond milks to soothe myself.  I don’t follow the urge to eat something because this is the last day anyway. 

Overall, this is a pretty easy detox because it’s short and and easy. 

Purifyne 3 Day Detox Review 4


Despite the migraine and kettle chip incident, I can’t complain. 
During the three days I lost 2.5lbs – not a huge amount but weight loss was NOT my personal coal – it was to be energised and feel refreshed and also for a chance just for my stomach to have a rest. 
I do feel much better and my trousers are looser. I had been super bloated and that has gone – my tummy feels flat to be honest! 
Part of my is sad that it’s over if I am truthful.  I quite liked having that routine to my day and they pretty much sorted out everything for you.  
The plan is not cheap at £249 but you do get fed for 3 days and if you are someone who needs that focus (you’re not going to cheat on a plan that costs you a significant amount of money) and everything planned out for you, then Purifyne is a great choice. 
The plan that I tried is called the 3-Day Signature Cleanse – Energy Boost, and costs £249.  There was Plan A (with enema kit) or Plan B (with Colosan powder).  Obviously, I didn’t go for the home enema, so went for Plan B.  
Visit the Purifyne Cleanse website in order to see the best plan for you (they can customise accordingly). 
*PR Sample
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