Pucker Up: Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub Review

Flaky, dry lips are the bane of my life, and although I have lots and lots of glorious lip balms I’m really not one for reapplying make up during the day unless I have a giant day glo spot which needs more concealer.

I think Sarah Happ’s lip scrub is ok. I have a few other lip scrubs are ok, I haven’t found one what I totally love yet.

Enter Lush’s new Sweet Lips Lip Scrubs:

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub.jpg

Lush’s Sugar Lip Scrubs are mainly made of…well sugar, with different flavours and scents. I got Bubblegum and Sweet Lips to try.

Bubblegum is a hot pink that smells of yes, sweet gum and Sweet Lips is a cocoa based one.

Both come in 25g jars. Not sure how sturdy they are, I noticed one of the lids was cracked when I started to unscrew it:

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub.jpg

The quantity is good – each jar is densely packed with product (can you see its overspilling?!) so it would last for ages.

You rub this product over the lips, wipe off and apply your balm as normal.

Lush Sweet Lips Lip sugar scrub.jpg

One criticism I do have is that the texture of mine were a little dry.Sort of crumbly so fell everywhere. To counteract this, I just added a bit of my lip balm et voila! Lovely sugary lip scrub ahoy!

This is the Bubblegum flavour. Its a Vegan friendly mixture:

Lush Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub-1.jpg

Overall these are a pretty good alternative to the Sarah Happ, which can also be a bit dry. The Sarah Happ is about £20 retail and the Lush Lip Scrubs are only £4.50 so if you are going to buy your own pot, I’d definitely plump for Lush:

Lip Scrub Sugar Lush.jpg


Lush Sweet Lips Sugar scrub.jpg

Or….make your own! See my tutorial.

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  1. says

    Great review :) I wish my PR company would send me sumthing as cute as bubblegum one*hint hint* meanwhile I jus read ur home made scrub tutorial, I only need to find some flavor.. And am good to make my own . :)

  2. sqeesh says

    Have you tried Benefit’s Dr Feelgood Lipscription?? I just purchased it recently and have found that it works really well for me.

  3. tigerslovepepper says

    I guess those yummy lip balm aren’t in Italy yet… I’ll check the Italian website for more info. Thanks for the review.

  4. says

    I can’t wait for them to release it in the U.S. I’m in desperate need of a lip scrub. Winter air makes me lips all flakey and dry. A really ugly sight to see :X

  5. Naz says

    I have to say I love these lip scrubs. I have one from their B Never Too Busy range and it’s a minty one. I do find that mine can be a bit dry too, so I store mine upside down and add a couple of drops of jojoba oil to it. It stays perfect now!

  6. corrin says

    i think the B Never Too Busy one is exactly the same isnt it? cos lush have a mint flavoured one. about the dry thing.. i don’t buy lip scrubs, just tend to make my own with a bit of sugar and some jojoba oil, hardly costs as much and if you get the quantities right nowhere near as drying!