Pucker Up, it’s Pout!

The Pout 50% sale is perhaps a huge sign that it is the beginning of the end…sad, I know. But great for bargains!

Shipping is pretty slow at the moment due to the sheer amount of orders they are dealing with (around 12 days for mine..tis a lifetime when you are waiting for make up!).

Nevertheless, the box arrived today and I have been having a good play with the products! Pout packaging is a gorgeous turquoise metal with a lace pattern and the boxes are gorgeous too. Here’s my haul, hopefully if you like any of the products, you can quickly grab it before they are out of stock permanently!

Pout Blusher (Baked) is Sugar, a multi shade pink:

And Warm, which is more of a bronzer:

Pout Mascara & Eye smudge brush. I was hoping this smudge brush would be more like the Nars Smudge Brush, which is longer and thicker than this pout one. Nevertheless, it is quite good for £6, and the mascara is excellent for separation but I found it isn’t very thickening and flaked a little through the day:

Pout Radiant Foundation in Medium – I took a punt at the shade, it is quite a warm yellowish tone but works well on the skintone and gives a lovely medium cover and radience:

Mini Eye Brush Set. I heard that this was actually a free gift for a while (I missed out on it!) so I got this for £17.50. It is a BRILLIANT eye brush set. The heads are full size but the handles are shorter. The bristles are really soft and high quality and there is a good selection of brushes for all the functions you could need (actually, it would be nice to have a synthetic brush for a creme eyeshadow and maybe a push eyeliner – but then I’m just being anal).

I lurrrvveee cream Eyeshadows, Visee, Lavshuca, Paul & Joe…and I love these! The darker colours especially, Bamboo and Indrandi are lovely but I haven’t tested these ones for lasting power…

Flush Sticks – I have no recollection of buying these but I am glad they did. They leave a lovely flush of colour, that is quite easy to blend (but must remember to apply before powder!) and it is not too sheer! Like these more than my Shiseido Accentuating Colour Blushers.

Dual Bronzer is Dark – one shade is slightly lighter than the other. I figured I could use this for some contouring if it isn’t too sparkly, which it isn’t…

The Eyeshadows now!

Miss August:

Miss September:

Miss Brazil:

Miss December:

All of the eyeshadows are soft and gorgeous of course, there are some stunning colours still left on the website!

Shipping is free for £40 or over, but shipping is by no means fast at the moment but at 50% off, well worth waiting for, right?!

Did you buy anything from the Pout sale?

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  1. the Muse says

    I’m kinda sorta waiting for this!

    Nice haul btw! I’m waiting because a majority of the prices are still what I’d paid here in the US so it’s not too big a sale for me!

    I was hopeful they’d do a 75% off towards the real end 😉

    I could kick myself for getting the shimmer swirls prior to this sale! I had a friend purchase them for me UK side and now I wish I had waited!

    Oh well!

    Sweet haul of goodies!

  2. RF says

    Ahhh I know what you mean! I bought a Lipgloss a week before the sales :( I had no clue they were going to happen!

    And I missed out on the free GWP (they were giving my eye brush set away and everything!) I missed it by about an hour – it ended on 31st Oct and I ordered on 1st Nov 1.01 AM!

    (I did email them and beg a bit and they said they would send me a mystery free gift!!!! So let’s see what arrives!)