Protect Your Lovely Hands: Yes Nurse Hand Cream Review (So Cute!)

When I was contacted about a new hand cream made for Nurses (or anyone who has sore chapped hands) I was intrigued but unsure how the product would turn out.  I mean, lovely nurses do indeed deserve to have everything they need to keep their hands in good condition, but how well would it translate into a consumer product?  I mean, hand sanitizer is a product that is made for medical professionals too and now is widely used by everyone but…is not sexy and makes you look kinda anal when you whip it out to use in a restaurant.

Anyway…I digress.  Yes Nurse is like, one of the cutest and well packaged products I have ever seen.

Protect your hands yes nurse

That’s the tube.  Check out the box:

Yes Nurse Protect your lovely hands

Cute cute! The tube comes in a cardboard box; actually in it, and I love it, it saves space and waste because you can recycle it too.

When you open it up it has this drawing and info inside:

Yes Nurse Hand Cream Protect your lovely hands

Ok enough fawning over the packaging.  I’ll just say it’s spot on.  What about the cream itself? What’s the history!?

Yes! Nurse was co-founded by a paediatric nurse at the beginning of 2009 who was signed off with dry sore hands.  She decided to create a cream to help other nurses who also suffered from the same condition.

It does 3 things; Prepares the skin by creating a barrier (using oils like Pomegranate Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil).  Like with all barrier creams you need to apply it in advance (in this case 30 minutes before starting a shift, but if you aren’t a nurse, perhaps before you go out!).

The second thing it does is balance the skin and maintain hydration (add 1-2 more blobs later on) and finally, it soothes and heals (contains Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey and Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E).

Ingredients List:

Yes Nurse Hand Cream Barrier Cream

I was sent 2 tubes of this, one for me one for Mr C (the box fits perfectly through the post box by the way).

I have normal hands, I am usually too lazy to moisturise them although I noticed a wrinkle near my little finger a few weeks ago and man, was I distraught.  I have decided to keep a little tube in my bag all the time and this is small enough to bring along.

Mr C has very dry, scaly, flaky, painful cracked hands. He has psoriasis on his hands and they can get so bad during a flare up that he can’t even bend his fingers. When they do start to heal up again, the skin usually (put your lunch down) comes off in chunks and he can pull off all the skin from his fingers, like a empty sausage skin. I told you to put your lunch down!

So there you see, two different needs there.

Yes Nurse Protect Your Hands Handcream

Mr C says the hand cream is “good”. When I probed further, he said that he was worried it wouldn’t sit well as he dislikes barrier type creams that feel silicone rich.  But this cream sunk in well and really protected his hands from the cold weather.  It smelt nice, and didn’t feel sticky at all. He would give it 8/10.

For me, I think it’s a pretty decent hand cream; it has extra oomph in that it’s quite a thick rich cream. In cold weather and as a treatment it works well although I am not necessarily the target market as I have decent hands that don’t get dry.  It’s quite good for aftercare (ie. when I’ve washed my make up brushes my hands feel awful) and this is a nice cream for that. 7/10

Yes Nurse is on subscription purchase only (ie. Like Graze snack boxes, where you have to sign up with your credit card and get monthly tubes BUT you can cancel at any time).

It costs £5.45 delivered. For Nurses and people like Mr C who get through hand cream like I get through mini pepperami’s, this might be a handy option (geddit?).

See Yes Nurse on their Website.

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  1. Nicole Smith says

    I also use this hand cream. I think it is amazing! It is the first hand cream that I have found that actually sinks into the skin, as “Mr C” says, it feels awful having barrier cream on your hands!! Not sticky at all and you can get on with things you need to do. I have been using this a few months now and I have to say that my cuticles have also improved LOADS! As mentioned above, you pay monthly for a tube delivered in a cute package BUT you ALSO now have the option of just ordering on line when you are running low. This means if 1 a month is just a little too much… you can hold off having you next one sent out.. which is fab for me!!

  2. says

    I freaking LOVE Manuka Honey and think it is definitely one of nature’s miraculous substances. It’s so healing, I think I’d love this hand cream.

    I also really want to try out the Comvita (or is it Convita?!) range of skincare which has honey in it.

    • Row says

      Hi Nazia

      Oh I’ve never heard of it! I will check it out as I love Manuka honey too. Also Melvita have a new honey range out x

  3. Jen says

    Manuka honey is so good for the skin, plus also for the system…I just wish I liked honey scented products more, but they seem to make me feel a bit queasy :S whereas I love proper manuka honey. I remember trying one, by the Naked truth range, and I couldn’t carry on using it cos of the honey scent.
    I would love if they could combine this into some sort of antibacterial hand gel, because I think it’s overusing them at work which has given me dermatitis on my hands!

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    Wow, packaging win! Lovely! Manuka honey, interesting. I think I will look for Dr.Organics manuka honey hand cream. I need a super reach cream for my devasted hands. Hate my job. XD